How to create aktualnie Halloween images for photo shoots

Today Halloween images are not only noisy, fun parties, but also successfully used for photo shoots. This topic is very relevant to the female half. In these original incarnations works only one rule – to be both terror and beauty. And sources of inspiration are history, fantasy, mythology and cinema. What are the Halloween images for a photo session today popular?

Как создать атуальные хэллоуинские образы для фотосессий

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Despite the fairy-tale plot, movie about Maleficent winged fairy, performed by Angelina Jolie has sparked interest not only among children but also among adults. The image of the heroine perfectly fits into the format of the Halloween party horror stories. So why not to use it for photo shoots? To create a silhouette, use the long dress in black or dark green in color and heeled shoes. The horns can be done independently from the headband and leatherette. To fix the design will help the glue and black duct tape. Difficulties can cause makeup. After all, what Maleficent without specific school? Here you can resort to the help of professional makeup artists, or to experiment with special pads on their own. To complete the image, use colored lenses.


Another character is a fantasy elf. Only outwardly she seems kind and gentle. However, look closely and make sure it is an insidious mystery. Pointy ears, subtly smoky eyes, bright blue or purple lips – here are three of the accent, which keeps the silhouette. Feel free to use it for photo shoots and not to forget the playfulness and bright accessories. As clothing you can pick up a light Flirty dress with bare shoulders.

Black Swan

Fallen angel and black Swan – relevant images for girls on Halloween. But if the first has long been no surprise at all on the second is to experiment. It can be deftly moved to the creative soil and used for themed photo shoots. Remember only the beautiful dramatic films with the participation of Natalie Portman. For transformation you need a cocktail dress, preferably off the shoulder corset top, ballet flats, styled with straps under the shoes, expressive makeup with emphasis on eyes and a bit of regality and grace. The main color of the image, of course, is black.


The images of the drowned can be seen not only in film, they repeatedly appealed literary classics. This is probably one of the few female characters that doesn’t require much effort for its realization. Porcelain-pale face, disheveled hair, black or dark blue circles under the eyes, a floral wreath and a white dress airy subject to make each lady on their own. And do not forget that the image should look like the frame is not only horrible, but also fascinating and beautiful.


In Norse mythology, a well-known image of the militant women – the Valkyries. She flew over the battlefield on his winged horse and collected the bodies of dead soldiers to conduct them to the heavenly Palace. Is scary, isn’t it? So, this way may be used not only for Halloween party but also for women’s photo shoot. It is known that virgins, the Valkyries wore armor, had wings or horns (another version). All of these attributes, you can perfectly do from shiny fabrics or purchase individual items in special shops. As for makeup, it should be as restrained. We can restrict expressive eyeliner and highlighting the warlike cheeks and chin.

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