3 secret to a good selfie

A selfie is a great way to capture the important and happy moments, especially when there was nobody around who could help you to take a photo. To selfie received the highest quality and beautiful, there are few secrets.

3 секрета для хорошего selfie



Simple sunlight is able to perfectly emphasize the dignity of your appearance, at the same time hiding the flaws. In addition, such light will lie very nicely, and frames work most advantageous. Behave in front of the camera naturally. Forget about the so-called “dachas”, such antics nobody benefited. Get some pictures from different angles to understand where the rotation of the head or the expression on your face you look more attractive.

Any background

The right background is a very important component of the whole picture. Although your face and dominant in the frame, the way the background sets off your appearance plays a huge role. A good background should not drag all the attention. Also avoid getting into the frame of things that ruin it (for example, the garbage truck in the background no one has added refinement and attractiveness).

Clean camera

Before the be sure to wipe your smartphone camera. You’d be surprised how dramatic the difference between the smeared through the camera and a picture taken just pureed camera. The quality of your photos will be much higher.

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