As always a good picture: 7 tips

Famous bloggers share their secrets.

Как всегда хорошо получаться на фото: 7 советов

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1. It is the background sets the atmosphere of the picture and talks about our taste, about who we are. Think carefully about the idea of a photo and make sure that the background was completely appropriate.

2. Less than photogenic people are not always less beautiful. Their main problem — the fear of the camera. To outwit themselves and relax, you can not look at the camera, and a little thoughtfully to look away to the side. Remember the rule: where to watch the nose, there also needs to be directed and look. Otherwise the will is unnatural.

3. There is nothing wrong with a bit of spice to the reality, for example, to improve the skin in the picture or create a beautiful color. Download one of the most popular programs for photo editing and start to create beauty.

4. Of course, the best pictures are in daylight. This light smooths imperfections and gives your appearance with the best hand. Also note the light that gives the sun during sunset — the images will be very romantic.

5. Natural movement is the best it can be for a photo. Don’t just stand there, frozen in an unnatural pose. Laugh, posing, move. Your photos will be really cool and interesting.

6. The face will look more aristocratic, but the facial features is fine and elegant, if you will look up at the camera.

7. If, however, the photo well, does not work, use the app to create short dynamic clips. Most people in the movement looks more attractive than in the static state.

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