How to grow seedlings with basket viola

Hybrid basket viola — the perfect «hanging gardens» for hanging pots, vases, balcony boxes. When sowing seeds in February or early March, you can get viola blooming in may.

Как вырастить рассаду ампельной виолы

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What are the advantages of a basket of varieties of viola

A basket of varieties of viola received as a result of years of breeding. Their feature is the cascading habit of the Bush. At a plant height of about 20 cm hanging shoots reach a length of 30…35 cm, or 45 cm! Flower diameter such viol reaches 5 cm, the Plants are well branched and bloom profusely from may until late autumn. And the pots put up in may in the garden without fear of the spring cold snaps and frost.

When to sow the seeds for seedlings

Basket viola grown as an annual or biennial flowers. To get to may flowering pots for seedlings, sowing seeds in February. The deadline is early March. You can plant the seeds in the ground in June (early July), then the seedlings will spend the winter and will bloom the following year.

How to grow flowering viola may

For sowing apply-drained soil based on peat or use additives — baking powders (perlite, vermiculite, river sand) in the preparation of their soil. The soil should be slightly acidic reaction or closer to neutral, ph 5.5 to a 5.8.

Cover the seeds lightly with soil. Seedlings appear quickly, within 4…6 days, at a temperature of 18…21оС. At lower temperatures, germination is delayed up to 10 days. Seedlings require supplementary lighting in February.

When you expand 3…4 leaf viol fed complex fertilizer with iron content. Dive viola for 6..7 weeks of cultivation.Transplanting and transplanting seedlings are not afraid, and it even benefits the root system.

After a dive, when the seedlings get stronger, the temperature was raised to 22..25 ° C for one week for better tillering and the formation of elongated shoots. Seedling basket viola is a compact at temperatures from 14…17 o C. High temperatures are undesirable for her.

At the age of 8..9 weeks the seedlings are transplanted into pots, hanging pots with a diameter of 25…30 cm In the garden basket viola choose a place without direct sunlight. Viola moisture-loving plants. In hot weather they need watering. In winter the plants dropped into the ground and covered.

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