How easy it is to grow seedlings of Petunia from seed

Petunia has a huge number of colors and quite unpretentious. However, before you go to the store and buy the seeds, you need to know when and how to sow Petunia seedlings and how to care for flower.

Как просто вырастить рассаду петунии из семян

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How to prepare the soil for planting petunias

Like any other flower, Petunia has specific requirements for the composition of the soil. The first step in growing petunias from seed is the soil preparation.

The flower prefers loose and nutritious soil. To prepare the ground for growing petunias, you need to take equal parts of compost, peat and turf soil. Last best to spill boiling water with potassium permanganate or bake in the oven. It must be done in order to destroy insect pests.

If the preference to purchase the ground, it should be slightly rich. To this is added 5 liters of prepared earth:

1) Bank 0.5 liters of ash;

2) 250 grams of perlite;

3) 1 tablespoon of fertilizer rich in potassium.

Thanks ash, the soil will turn sour. The perlite will prevent it from caking and to keep the soil loose.

Containers for growing seedlings of Petunia from seed

For planting petunias, you need to find a suitable container. It can be plastic cups from yogurt or sour cream, special containers bought in the store. Now you can find there even a miniature greenhouse that will create a desired microclimate for seedlings.

Sow Petunia seedlings in the peat pill. Once the seedlings grow up, it together with the tablet are transplanted into bigger pots, adding a nutrient substrate.

At the bottom of the cookware need to make holes. Then fit the expanded clay or pieces of foam layer 1-2 cm. This is to ensure that the liquid does not stagnate. Pour the ground before reaching the edge of the dish about 1 cm.

How to sow Petunia seedlings

Petunia seeds are in any case can not be buried deep in the ground. Otherwise they simply will not germinate. Otherwise, plant the Petunia seedlings just modern seeds require little or no training of the type soaking.

Seeds scattered on the ground (normal planting pattern is 15 by 15 cm) and sbrazhivaetsya water . Can not be watered – water jet just deepen the seed inside and it will not germinate. As soon as seedlings (10-12 days), watering can be done with leechki, child.

To speed germination you can cover the container with foil. If the seedling is in a place where there may be drafts, shelter Petunia is a must. The germination temperature should be around 20-25 degrees, the seedlings enough 17-18.

The seedlings petunias also love the light if natural light is not enough, use the backlight. You can apply special phyto lamps or normal bulbs the light of day.

How to care for seedlings of petunias

In the first 2.5 weeks of flower will actively develop the root system. And only then begin the development of stems and leaves. As soon as the seedlings appear 4 leaf, must be thinned and transplanted the seedlings into the prepared pots.

Fertilize the petunias need at least once in 2 weeks. And you don’t have to do it by chemical means. For example, infusion of a banana peel has an excellent effect on the growth of flowers. To make it simple – peel 1 banana crushed and poured 3 liters of boiling water. Cover the container lid and allow to infuse in a dark place.

Another option – add to water for irrigation at the drop of succinic acid, which can be bought at the pharmacy. This drug is part of many fertilizers.

The enemy plants – dried soil. Petunia loves watering, it is not necessary to forget about it.

When to plant Petunia seedlings

The main question that interests nearly all novice gardeners is when to plant Petunia.

Sow Petunia seedlings need until mid-March. For flower important a sufficient amount of light and heat. Basket types of petunias are best planted early – in fact to build a sufficient number of greens to the flower need more time. As for the small-flowered species, they bloom much earlier than others, so their fit can be postponed until the end of March — beginning of April.

It is obvious that to plant Petunia seedlings and to grow it from seed – it is not very difficult. If you follow the rules, then in June the plant bestow bright flowers that will please long enough.

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