How to feed seedlings of Petunia cascade

Cascading hanging petunias — one of the most attractive flowers in the hanging pots. To grow quality plants, you need to put in a little effort and grow strong seedlings.

Как подкармливать рассаду петунии каскадной

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What is needed to obtain a strong floriferous petunias?

Planting a basket of varieties of petunias should be carried out in the early stages to get a long and early flowering. So, in the middle band, the seeds are sown in late January or early February. Because such varieties require longer race of seedlings than ordinary petunias. They need to build a big green mass of vines to ensure abundant flowering. Conducting early crops in the dark winter months, you should not forget that without additional lighting strong seedlings can not grow.

When you start the first feeding of a basket of varieties of petunias?

After germination and until the unfolding of the second-third true leaf seedlings do not requirefertilizing.

They only put («sprinkle with salt») sifted soil mix to cover the roots and give protection from heat lamp-lights.

The drying of the soil seedlings seedlings 1-2 times per day sprayed separated by water (25-28oC), or make neat glaze on the edge of the container in which to grow, to moisten the bottom layer of the soil. The water itself will soak the soil. And the roots will seek down to get moisture. When the seedlings are stronger, you can water the soil between the seedlings.The main thing — not waterlogged soil. At the moment, growing petunias do not require feeding. At this stage of development the seedlings are all required to take from the soil.

To strengthen the vitality seedlings can be sprayed Appin (1 drop in 50 ml water) of very fine (fog) spray, to moisten the soil. Valid spraying the seedlings with a weak solution of Cytovite from Appin.

The first root fertilizing include potassium and nitrogen and calcium and nitrogen. It may be potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, potassium HUMATE. The fertilizer dose used very little, 50% of the recommended on the label. Fertilize only lightly moistened soil so you don’t burn the small roots.

Then, after 7-10 days, conduct another feeding complete mineral soluble fertilizer. Effective such fertilizers as Vertica Suite, Rastvorin and the like. Fertilizer Cytowic with a full set of macro — and trace elements also gives good growth of seedlings, especially that it has the iron needed by the petunias and other trace elements in chelated form available. Cytowic used as a fertilizer as the leaves and the roots. Apply humates at most twice at a very young age is not desirable.

Further feeding is carried out regularly, 1 time per 7-10 days, if needed. It is important that Petunia had not stopped growing. If plants stopped growing, it means that they want your attention, they do not have enough nutrition, light, humidity etc.

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