How to make a hyacinth bloom in winter

In vivo hyacinth is primrose, blooming in mid or late spring. But indoor flowering can significantly speed up and force the plant to bloom at any date, for example, Christmas, New year or March 8. To the spring snowdrop bloomed much earlier than the allotted time, the bulbs are removed from the state of «sleep», creating a hyacinth certain conditions. The process is called distillation. Hyacinths are fairly easy to distillation, their fragrant and elegant flowers are quite easy to obtain in the home.

Как заставить гиацинт цвести зимой

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To grow hyacinth in two ways: in the substrate and in the water. As a soil mix suitable composition of garden soil, peat and sand. All the components necessary to take in equal quantity and mix thoroughly, so the result is a light and loose substrate. Hyacinth also requires good drainage, it can be made of expanded clay.

Pot hyacinth should be small, the best option would be to use pots with a diameter of not more than one and a half times the size of the bulb. You can use a wider container if you plan to plant in a bowl a few bulbs. In this case, pick it on value of planting material, bulbs should be located so that between them there was a distance of about two inches.

Гиацинт в горшке

Forcing hyacinth: the preparatory phase

Select large and healthy bulbs whose diameter is more than 5 cm Large bulbs are usually well ripened, and this means that flower buds were already well formed and to accumulate enough nutrients for excellent flowering. Bulbs intended for forcing will keep about a week in a dry place, in this time they ripen, thus the chances to flowering will increase.

In prepared container, place a layer of drainage, and on it pour the coarse sand, which will protect the planting material from rotting. Fill the container with a prepared substrate. Planted in soil mix in the onion, hyacinth, and buried her halfway or two-thirds height.

Gently pour the soil, the soil should not be soggy, otherwise will start rotting. Cover the pot with a dark material as the rooting process should take place in the dark. Transfer the pot with the planted bulb in a cool room with a temperature of +5…+9 degrees. You can put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator used for storing vegetables.

Forcing hyacinths

When the leaves of the hyacinth will grow by 8-10 cm, remove the plants with a dark fabric, transfer in a bright place and begin watering. Thus begins the time of distillation of the flower stalk, which takes 3-4 weeks. From this we can predict the time of flowering. For example, to obtain flowering for the New year, you need to get Hyacinthus from a cool and dark place in the beginning of October.

The temperature of the contents of hyacinth during this period should be from +10 to +20 degrees, at higher temperatures the content of bloom will be short. To accustom a plant to the room temperature gradually. If rapid change in temperature by the plant will begin leaf growth at the expense of flowering.

The flower in this period it is necessary to reduce the light, as in bright light, the flower stalk will grow short. To do this, growers use a cap of dark paper or cover the plant with a opaque plastic Cup. Hyacinth should first cover the cap for the whole day, then half, and then for part of the day. This simple adaptation it is recommended to use as long as the stem does not rise above the leaf blades. When the hyacinth are beginning to bloom, the cap can be removed and enjoy the flowering plants.

Forcing hyacinths to specific dates

If you plan to get charming flowering hyacinths to a certain date, you should plan in advance the stages of the distillation of the flower.

To gorgeous flowers with a delicate scent of blossom for the New year, it is necessary to begin the preparatory stage of distillation already in the middle of summer. In July the bulbs are removed from soil, cleaned from the soil and lay on two weeks storage at a temperature of about +25-30 OS and high humidity (approximately 90%).

Thereafter, the temperature of the contents of the bulb reduces to +20-25 OS and kept under these conditions for about two weeks. Closer to September planting material is transferred to a cool place with a temperature of 10-13 OS. At this preliminary stage distillation hyacinth for the New year ends, and the process of distillation begins in October, when the bulbs after a period of rest planted in the pots.

If you wish to hyacinth bloomed in February, the distillation should be started two weeks later, in mid-October. The flower will bloom in March if the bulbs planted in the ground in early November.

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