What to do in free time: 15 ideas

Sometimes, the whole week waiting for the weekend, and when they come, just toils of boredom, not knowing what to do, and begin to dream of a speedy return of the working week. But there is a lot of interesting things with which to fill the hours of rest.

Чем заняться в свободное время: 15 идей

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  • Find a favorite activity. If you have no idea what to do in your free time, you just need to find some Hobbies. Listen to yourself: what would you like to do? Remember what business you’re interested? If you find such a thing, the problem of finding the free time will forever leave you.
  • Enjoy a picnic. Nagotovila sandwiches and go with friends to the Park or the forest. Of course, such a pastime suitable only for warm season.
  • Become a volunteer. Surely your city has a volunteer organization that helps the disabled, is engaged in the search for missing or oversees orphanages. Join the ranks of volunteers, and not only do you help many people, but you will also gain loyal friends.
  • Go to the theatre or cinema. View a new movie or a sensational performance.
  • What else can you do in your spare time? To go to a strange place, because a new experience is always great! You don’t have to buy plane tickets. An unfamiliar place can be found in your city and surrounding area. This can be any Museum or Park you have never visited.
  • Create your own garden. Even if you live in a panel apartment building, you can probably split a small garden near to your house. The neighbors will you only be grateful.
  • Go to a fitness club or pool.
  • Invite guests or go to visit themselves. In good company time flies by!
  • Create your video blog. If you are a specialist in any field, you can record videos, which will tell about your business and share helpful tips. If your video becomes popular, they will bring you income.
  • Proceed to the investigation of complicated criminal cases. On the Internet there are forums and websites devoted to the investigation of the loud criminal cases. Study them and try to calculate the offender. Feel like Sherlock Holmes!
  • Enjoy a soap making. Aromatic soap, hand made, great gift!
  • Create your family tree. In the Internet there are many sites that allow you to create a family tree. Sign up on one of them and immerse yourself in the history of their family!
  • Learn a few magic tricks. Magic tricks – very fun!
  • Go fishing. But it’s certainly not for everybody.
  • Prepare a meal in the Italian (Japanese, French, Armenian) style. Discover new dishes and enjoy the culture of another country.

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