Do I need to install antivirus on smartphone

The protection of your smartphone the antivirus is still relevant to this day. By buying a mobile device shopper finds it necessary to talk about the danger of infection of the gadget. Confident his expert opinion on the security of mobile devices will force you to agree to install a paid antivirus apps.

Нужно ли устанавливать антивирус на смартфон

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IT companies that develop anti-virus software, don’t want to lose the huge market of mobile devices. On their official websites, from time to time by posting information on the risk of infection of the gadget, warn user about the possibility of losing personal data, payment details and the cash from the account of the SIM card.

Utility designed to protect smartphone users from such attack, the paid. In the same Google Play store, proving its efficiency by the number of races and number of stars. In practice, these apps are wasted scanning device, occasionally informing the user about the minor holes in the security system, after which the victorious address them. Frequent monitoring of the Android OS and all installed apps mobile antivirus noticeably affect performance, because it consumes resources of RAM.

Smartphones running on the Android platform, originally protected by an integrated security system. The operating system itself checks the mobile device for malware. Those apps in the Play store, also guaranteed to be checked for viruses before they are available for download. Since version 4.4.2, Google cannot independently verify third-party applications already installed on the tablet or smartphone user. In the presence of malicious code found on the display, receive notification of a possible change in system files with a proposal to cancel the action. Background sending SMS to short numbers is prohibited in the Android OS. Any application attempts to send a paid message, the device will immediately notify. The function of the system of permissions allows you to see all the features of the installed apps and make their own decision.

Important: no anti-virus will prevent on your mobile device malware applications. When you install only the user can provide the necessary permits needed FOR the virus to modify system files.

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