Where is stored backup of the iPhone

Backup iPhone settings are created by using iTune. After updating software you can use them to restore the lost data. Copies will also be useful to transfer content from one device to another.

Куда сохраняется резервная копия iPhone

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1. Backup allows not to lose important accumulated years information on your phone. Sometimes it is not so much a pity to lose the phone, as all contacts or photos stored in its memory. But their grief can at times decrease at a constant frequency while retaining all and knowing where are located the backup files. You can copy all of the: entries in the scheduler, contacts on phone, photos and videos and even data on plastic cards. A backup is an archive containing almost all the information, including not only regular files, but the settings of the phone, which was convenient for you. Is used a backup in case the replacement phone, it is stolen or lost, and after flashing your device for data recovery. It is therefore important to create a backup every time you connect your iPhone with iTunes. Backup in iCloude automatically when you connect the device to a power source, a Wi-Fi network or lock.

2. Most often a backup is done through iTunes. The copy can be both open and password protected. It is stored in the system folders on the hard disk of the computer. If you restore iPhone to note in the settings, as new, will automatically start syncing and it will create a new backup. Depending on the operating system, the path to the required files will be different. Windows operating system is known for its rather large number of species. For example, for version XP to find the files you need to go to the C drive. Then go to the following path: Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup. For Vista the beginning of the path is similar, but after switching to a custom folder, follow the path AppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup. Operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 way completely identical to Windows Vista.

3. Backup is a normal folder, the name of which consists of 40 characters including numbers and English letters. This folder contains quite a number of files that have no extension. Each file has a name which also consists of 40 characters. To open these backup files is only possible in iTunes. Other methods just yet.

4. If you have multiple devices with the brand «Apple», and for each device you have time, make a backup, then sooner or later the question may arise, what folder on the computer to which device. To find the answer is quite simple, knowing the basics of programming. To understand, you need the list to find the file Info.plist and open it in any text editor. Suitable option of opening the file in regular Notepad. You will see a large list of different tags. You will need to find a key tag that indicates the product name. It will be information about the device for which you created this backup. For example, key Product name /key. Below the line you will see the name of the device enclosed in the function tag string. For example, for the fifth model, you will see this line: string iPhone 5s /string. In the text editor, the tags will be placed in brackets. Lines below you will be able to see the iOC version, device serial number and IMEI. In addition, in the file Info.plist you can see information about the date when it was created, this backup copy, identification number, telephone number and more.

5. The program creates an iTunes backup on the iPhone during the synchronization process. In the future, you can apply the backup to restore content that was in the device at the time of synchronization. The copied data can be transferred from one device to another. In iOS 4 and the versions that were created later used to create encrypted backups. In this case, the passwords and keys are also migrated to new hardware. If the password is forgotten by the user, it should fully restore the software, and when iTune will ask you to select the copy, choose «Configure as a new device». iPhone password-protected when connected to iTune will prompt you to enter it. After the user enters the password, the device is determined as authorized, and the introduction of an additional password before synchronization is not required.

6. When you have found the backup folder, it is advisable to move to another place. Because the system disk is not the best place to store such important information. First, this folder can weigh tens of gigabytes and storing it on the C drive will dramatically decrease computer performance. If your operating system will fly with the lost and the backup files. In order not to worsen the quality of work on the computer and to reduce the possible loss of files to a minimum, need to move a folder with a copy or to another hard drive or another partition of the computer. But to move it through the classic ctrl+c and ctrl+v is impossible. Transfer is possible only through symbolic links. They are formed in the filesystem as a special file with only the text string tracheomalacia as the path to the requested file.

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