How to reset pattern on Android, forgot if

Pattern — setting device security on the Android operating system, designed to safeguard personal data and protect your files from prying eyes. There are several simple methods to remove the protection in case you forget the pattern installed pattern lock or digital code password.

Как сбросить графический ключ на Андроид, если забыли

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There are more than 20 ways to reset your pattern and enter into a locked device without entering the specified password or a graphical pattern. Most of the methods requires some technical knowledge of Android platform and installed on the computer application programs. Despite this, there are several universal and simple steps to solve this problem, accessible to a wide range of users and requires no special knowledge.

After many failed attempts unlock pattern, your device will prompt you to enter your Google account credentials. If username and password match with the data recorded on this gadget, the device will display a message about the need to come up with a new password, after which the device will be available for use. When using this method, it is important that a smartphone or tablet was connected to either a mobile data connection or wi-fi.

The following manipulation will end with success only in the case if you installed an early version of Android. However, the attempt to log on with this method, the gadget will not harm in any way. Call yourself on a locked device, accept the challenge and in the conversation mode, and try to go to security settings and there disable the blocking function.

The factory reset or Hard Reset. Feature that allows you to roll back the system to a state after the purchase. All application data, settings, as well as the phone memory will be erased. On a completely turned off device, you must simultaneously hold down the on/off and volume rocker +. After holding the necessary keys for 5-10 seconds, appear the menu of the recovery mode. With the help of volume rocker to select «wipe data/factory reset» and press the power button. In the next window we are interested in the line will be called «Yes — delete all user data», then tap on «reboot system now» , the reset operation can be considered completed. The smartphone will restart in the new, not burdened settings.

Important: the login method in recovery mode universal for most devices running Android, however if the key combination does not help to come in this menu, look in the network the combination of simultaneously clamping the buttons specifically for your model.

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