How to choose a camera for shooting video

People used to shooting only family events and keep these videos in private collections, but now everything is different: social networks and youtube inspire you to create beautiful and high quality video. Choose to shoot great video,really not that hard.

Как выбрать фотоаппарат для съёмки видео

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1. First camera Sony Alpha A5100, despite its compact size, will be able to surprise its characteristics: it has a touch screen and has a capacity of 24.3 megapixels.
Screen that can be folded up — this is a huge advantage. If you want to be in the picture, you can see in focus.
It has the port through which you can connect the camera directly to a laptop or mobile phone, and this will help when shooting static.
Excellent opportunities and high-quality video with relatively small size is that can offer this camera.
Price: from 35,000 rubles.

2. Economical option, which is famous for hypersensitive ultrazoom — Nikon COOLPIX P90.
This digital camera resembles a DSLR with a hinged flash unit and lens, which greatly protrudes. However, it cannot be removed and changed to a more powerful.
If you do not want to spend money on camera, but the quality that gives smartphone not satisfied — this camera is a good transition from your phone to a SLR camera.
Resolution: 12.1 megapixels.
Price: from 13000 rubles.

3. Canon EOS 600d is a wonderful SLR camera. It is not only affordable, but will also help the Amateur to professional video.
With SLR cameras the problem is that the lens that comes in the kit, does not help to obtain the expected quality (for example, it is difficult to make a vague background). In order to achieve the desired, you only need to change the lens more powerful, and its price can exceed the price of the camera itself.
Resolution: 18 megapixels.
Price: from 22000 rubles.

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