How to choose TV for living room

The TV is in the living, must meet many requirements. Important parameters such as screen size, the ability to connect various peripherals, etc.

Несколько существенных параметров, важных для выбора телевизора для гостиной

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It in the living room we spend the most time with family and friends. This large room becomes a cinema hall or a room for presentations, karaoke. And most of the features in media services entertained the company needs to provide a modern TV. What should you consider when selecting it?

Screen size

Usually living room is the biggest room in the apartment, so it should choose a bigger TV. However, it is not necessary to buy the biggest TV in the store, because this TV will be uncomfortable to watch in a standard room.

The peripherals are

Modern TV not only allows you to watch TV, but media from external devices, so you should pay attention to the presence of such ports as USB, HDMI. It is through them you can connect an external hard drive or laptop, tablet, projector. Not be amiss and the ability to connect wirelessly — over WiFi or Bluetooth.


Even if you want to buy a regular TV, it is very desirable that it have the most «omnivorous» built-in player, that is reproduced as many formats of videos, images, made it possible to connect the microphones for karaoke.

Maybe you need a smart TV?

The market today there are more models of the so-called «smart» TVs (Smart TV). These TVs are very similar to tablet computers in their capabilities (and in fact they are), because they have their own operating system (most likely Android). Smart TV will allow fun not only to watch videos or pictures of the owners, a movie, a TV show, but to find in the Internet the necessary materials, communicate via the Internet on Skype, and much more. When you purchase this TV it is necessary to focus not only on the size of the screen, the presence of a variety of ports for connecting equipment, but also on the characteristics of «iron», as in buying a tablet or smartphone.

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