Is it possible to touch the monitor with your hands

Computer technicians are divided into two groups. Some argue that touch monitors are strictly forbidden, while others talk about the safety of such a touch. To answer this question? first you need to understand how modern monitors, and only then to draw conclusions.

Можно ли трогать монитор руками

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Most modern devices is a LCD monitors. The principle of operation is very simple. The structure is made by layers. The bottom layer is the illumination. It is a layer of liquid crystals. Next, the filters. The most gentle and whimsical part of the device is a liquid crystal matrix. She does not tolerate bumps, drops, does not like temperature changes. All this leads to the appearance of dead pixels or damage to separate areas of the screen.

Remember how in school, some joked with screens calculators. Pressed the screen with a finger and looked at the divorce. If you press harder, there is a large black spot, which may disappear after removing the load, and may remain on display. Thus, the display gets corrupted.

Now the answer to an earlier question seems obvious. The LCD screen is better not to touch with your fingers. At least, it leads to oily stains on the screen which is not easy to resolve. In the worst case scenario — Amateur tyknut finger at the screen can damage the matrix and, accordingly, will break an expensive monitor.

Technically, if you touch the screen gently, the matrix damage is not the cause. But fans tyknut a finger at the screen with such force to go multi-colored waves, probably sooner or later reach the LCD panel and damage it.

Accordingly, if among your friends there are like to point the finger, it is best to break him of this habit. Touch screen modern monitor arms can only be gently, without pressing on the appearance of rainbow waves. The screen can be cleaned with a soft cloth, but don’t make strong pressure. Poke a finger was old monitors with the tube. Their protective glass, it is allowed to do it without the risk of damage.


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