What are the advantages and disadvantages of a curved screen

Relatively recently appeared in the sale of monitors and TVs with curved screens. It is much more correct to call these screens are concave. This innovation is known in Russia basically thanks to the company Samsung. After all, this company was the first to demonstrate such products in the domestic electronics market. Of course, the man who had no business with such devices, the question arises whether to purchase such an innovation, or to work with curved screen will be quite not comfortable.

Изогнутый монитор

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1. One of the main and indisputable advantages of a curved screen is the possibility of immersing the audience into the action on the screen. Because our eye has a much larger angle of view than those offered conventional flat monitor or TV, creating curved screen allows for more natural to convey the events. This advantage affects both the perception of multimedia applications and the reading of the texts on the desktop monitor.

2. Curved screens are much more sophisticated from a technical point of view. When purchasing a monitor or TV with a curved screen, you can be sure that it uses the most modern technology. This is a very strong influence on parameters such as color reproduction or response time.

3. Curved screen easier to use in bright Sunny days. Thanks to all of the same curved space much more light is transmitted to the viewer, so you can work with more light around, which is much healthier for the eyes.

4. A curved screen is much better suited for modern games. Indeed, as already mentioned above, the effect of immersion is very noticeable. Perhaps, you need to remember about the diagonal of the screen. If the monitor or TV will be too small, the effect of immersion cannot be achieved. For example, on smartphones, too, tried to introduce this technology, but it is not particularly popular.

5. The disadvantage of this screen is its technical perfection, and as a result and great price. Budget models may be less reliable than the classic version. To produce such screens started relatively recently, and LCD flat-screens make for quite some time. Curved monitor requires the manufacture of special complex matrix.

6. Another disadvantage of this screen is the location of the beholder. For example, if you want to watch TV with a big company, it is best occurring will only see those who are placed in the Central area. However, for them the picture is excellent.

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