Arduino is not programmable: what to do when the error «not in sync: resp=0x30»

Sometimes I write programs for Arduino, load them into memory, and everything works fine. And then suddenly they are no longer downloaded. A development environment when trying to download the sketch gives an error: «arduino avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x30».
What is it? Does the Board was burnt? Do not rush to despair: perhaps all is not lost. Let’s try to understand.

Окно IDE Arduino с ошибкой "not in sync: resp=0x30"


1. Arduino is not programmed, though earlier all worked. For this behaviour there are several possible reasons that you must check:
— for some reason there is a failure of the driver;
wrong selected COM port;
— somewhere there is a electrical connection, which should not be (short);
— failed loader (bootloader) Arduino Board.
Let’s go through all the items on this list and make sure until you fix the problem.

Ошибка "Not in sync: resp=0x30"

2. Open the device Manager via the Windows menu start -> control Panel -> Hardware and sound -> device Manager. There’s a shorter option: press the Windows key on the keyboard and, without releasing it, press the Pause key. Open the system properties, which on the left side there is a link to device Manager.
Find and share Manager, section Ports (COM & LPT). If the driver is installed and working correctly, no overlay icon like a question mark or exclamation mark on the icon of the device Arduino should not be. If these icons exist, therefore, there are problems in the driver. If the Arduino or the device USB-Serial does not exist in this section of the Manager, it means the driver is not even installed. In any of these cases have the driver you need to install (or reinstall).
In device Manager, select the Arduino Board (or the unknown device that appears when you connect Arduino to computer), click on it right button mouse and from the context menu select Update driver software… (Update drivers…).
Choose to search in that computer and specify the path to the directory containing the driver for the Board. Next, follow the steps in the wizard for new hardware.
For the original family card «Arduino» drivers are in the directory of the development environment, in the subdirectory drivers. For Arduino-compatible boards search for the driver online.

Нормальное состояние Arduino в диспетчере устройств Windows

3. Check that you correctly specified the COM port in Arduino IDE. To check which port is assigned by the system our Board is «Arduino» in the Windows device Manager. Arduino boards can be found under «Ports (COM & LPT)» and are usually determined by how the device «Arduino» or «USB-Serial».
Go to menu Tools -> Port and make sure that you specified the correct port. If not, we need.

Выбор COM-порта в среде разработки Arduino

4. If Arduino Board lying on a conductive surface, there is a risk that somewhere there is a short circuit. This can cause errors in the work of the Board and, in particular, interfere with the normal process of programming. Check that the Board is on an isolated surface.
Also the same type of reasons I would mention connect unauthorized wires to pins 0 and 1 of the Board «Arduino», which are the ports RX and TX and are used in the process of downloading sketch to the memory card.

5. If none of the above helped, try another option: overwrite the loader Board (the bootloader).
The bootloader is a special management program for Arduino that turns when you turn on the device and which sets the fee either goes to the execution of the program from the memory of the Arduino, or programming a computer.
To implement this option, we will need a programmer. Wiring the programmer to the Arduino are shown in Fig.
After connecting the programmer to the programming environment Arduino menu Tools -> Programmer specify the type of programmer. For Example, USBasp. Now in the same menu Tools select the item Record Loader. This process does not take much time.
If the operation is successful, the IDE will report this. And the «Arduino» happily flashes the led on the 13th pin, because in it, a loader and recorded the sketch is the default sketch to blink the led Blink.
If after all the steps Board is not alive, perhaps you really burned the chip. My condolences.

Схема подключения программатора к Arduino

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