How to come up with a password that is hard to crack

On the wave of interest in mythical Russian hackers who hack even the body of the unfortunate «Titanic», I want to remember about such an important issue as the preservation of access to various services on the Internet under its control. How to come up with a password that is hard to find?

Как придумать пароль, который сложно взломать?

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Why invent a strong password?

Today every user has to work with a variety of Internet services. For your profile in social networks, razvlekatelnyh and professional websites, e-mail, to access your Bank account, it is necessary to come up with a password that would be difficult to crack even for an experienced hacker, because hacking a personal account is often fraught and material losses.

What password is considered unreliable?

By registering on another website, we need to remember a few criteria that must be taken into account. Passwords for different services should be different!

It is impossible to come up with simple passwords. Examples of such passwords — 123, 12345, 321, 654321, 123456789, qwerty, password (your birth date), (your name/ last name/ first name), (name of a favorite cat) and the like.

The password should not be short. It is advisable to come up with a password at least 8-10 characters.

Two very easy way to come up with a strong password

The first method. Type in the text editor, letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and special characters (e.g.&,%,}, etc.) in random order.

The second method. Remember the long Russian word and write it in English layout (e.g., long-necked — lkbyyjittt), then some letters replace the title, and between them insert a few numbers and special characters. You should get something like — l2k9byY2@-ji+ttT.

Helpful hint: this password is difficult to remember, so write it down on a sheet of paper and put them in a safe place. Do not keep a list of passwords only on a computer or a smartphone, because you will lose access to services if you break your gadgets.

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