What not to do in the Internet

Active development of the Internet has meant that network access was as easy as watching TV programs. The computer or tablet with access to the Internet, have some vulnerability. If a person has a relatively low level of computer literacy, he will surely step on the rake, scams are scattered in the network. What not to do when working online?

Что нельзя делать в интернете

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1. You can’t click on links from your email. Even if you are sure that link is correct, you may receive the intercepted copy of the letter with the changed content. The only option for this transition to a computer with an active updated antivirus, however, such cases are known, when the antivirus is not yet updated and the malicious code has already come to users.

2. It is impossible to leave anywhere in your real data. Attackers can think of a million different options for how you hurt and get the benefits. So no scans of your passport or other important documents to send no one.

3. Frequently on modern sites are asked to confirm an action using a mobile phone. This can not be done if there is confidence in the reliability of the website. Moreover, it is impossible to send an SMS with the codes to any numbers of your own. This can lead to a huge loss of money. The account is read a certain amount.

4. It is impossible affirmatively to respond to dialogs if you don’t understand what was going on. For example, one might pop up a window asking you to install some dangerous addition to the browser. You mechanically press OK and thus make your PC vulnerable.

5. It is not necessary to install the application with a known name if it is not placed on the official website. Very often in such applications introduce malicious code. In addition, in the days of JAVA on smartphones, attackers often used a phrase «to continue, click Yes.» It is obvious that in the installer there is a button «Next». But if there is the slightest suspicion that there was an extra step in the installation, you need to cancel the installation. On the same smartphones with JAVA every click of the next button was written off from the account of a round sum by sending SMS in stealth mode.

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