How not to lose data from the cloud storage

Storing data in «the cloud» — today’s trend, which is quite convenient for quick access to your files, especially from mobile gadgets. But the careless attitude to the issue of data storage and can be easily lost.

Как не потерять данные из облачного хранилища?

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How to minimize the chance of losing the data you keep in the cloud?

1. Only use reliable vendors of «cloud»

Only using the services of trusted companies that are long enough to provide the following services, you can be sure that in a week or a month, the company will not disappear along with your data. Do not focus only on low cost cloud space — it is better to overpay a little than to lose valuable files.

Useful tip: please note that many providers of such services offer a small amount of space for user files is free, however, free plans are widely distributed and paid.

2. Create strong passwords

What is strong password and how to come up with? The account password must not be too simple (birthday, user name, or a pet, simple sequence numbers etc.) or short. For each site or service will create a separate password.

3. Make backup copies of important files

Those files that are really important, you should save on different carriers in multiple copies. Make a backup on a flash drive or external hard drive on CD or DVD and store these media in a safe place.

4. Don’t let yourself be fooled by a phishing page

Scammers who hunt for important information, create online fake page, which harvested the passwords to the relevant accounts. Don’t give your hands a password and login to your account in the cloud, make sure that you enter your data on the original provider’s site!

5. Use anti-virus, but do not consider it a panacea

Do not open your e-mail, cloud storage or log in to your account on another website if you have not checked all the files on your computer (or tablet, smartphone) antivirus. Keep base antivirus was up to date. Remember that even the new antivirus by well-known developer is not able to keep the user from doing something stupid.

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