How to speed up fruiting of fruit trees

When people are planting your garden, they dream as soon as possible to eat an Apple or a pear, grown by them on their own site. The trees also has its own development cycle, but there is a way of accelerating the period of fruiting is the change in the orientation of the branches.

Как ускорить плодоношение плодовых деревьев

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You will need

  • -young seedlings of apples, pears
  • spacers
  • -twine


1. What is the essence of the method. That tree was planted kidney growth, you need to change the orientation of the branches, growing up to a position where they become parallel to the ground. The bigger the branch is in such a state, the less is the growth of the vegetative mass and faster starts laying period and the development of the fruit.

2. When to do it. The orientation change you need to do when it begins active SAP flow (sometime in may) on the young, before the age of 4 years old trees. In seedlings older than four years branches are not flexible, and spread his difficult. It may happen that in places of growth of branches from the trunk, they simply break off. Best of all, if you have a garden planted with standard seedlings of age one to two years. After a year or two when they give 3-4 directions, in different directions, you can begin the method of changing the orientation of the branches.

3. How to do it. This method is the most painless and the most safe for fruit trees. This is done by setting stakes in the form of struts, thibaudia skeletal branch from the trunk, or pulling the branches down with a string connecting the middle of the branch with the trunk base, or sticks driven into the soil. This is not to avoid that the branch strongly curved and, therefore, to fasten the rope need a middle. If you attach the rope over the top branches, is formed arcuate bend, which laid kidney growth and acceleration of fruiting does not occur. In the fall, when the base of the branches will become hard and covered with bark, will remain in a horizontal position, the stretch marks can be removed.

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