6 steps to a high harvest of black currant

Black currant — a storehouse of vitamins and delicious berry. The plant is productive, but needs careful care. If you use tricks when growing, the efforts of the gardener will be rewarded in the third year of a bucket of berries from the Bush.

Черная смородина.

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Black currants is easy to grow. It tolerates frosts, not bad copes with heat, quickly reaches fruiting age, elementary diluted. But how to get high yields?

Step 1. Select «place of residence»

Black currants generally prefer to plant along the fence is valid, but not necessarily back off from a fence not less than 1.2 meters. Lowland is not suitable for planting. Plot moderately Sunny and windless. A small distance between the bushes reduces the duration of fruiting and yield. Distance soak half to two meters.

Step 2. Select varieties

If you want to harvest berries in all weather conditions, try to plant several different varieties of currant. Treacherous spring frosts, but if the bushes are gaining color in different time, certainly some of the bushes do not suffer from the vagaries of nature and the harvest will be. Growing different varieties next to leads to cross-pollination and larger berries.

Step 3. Wile watering and fertilizing

The roots of the currant Bush raspolagayutsya shallow upper lie just ten centimeters from the surface. Therefore, currants necessarily need watering and loosen the soil after watering, gently, not touching the roots. Better at a distance of 25 centimeters from the ends of the stems to dig out a groove and pour water into it. Currants definitely needs a dressing, but especially likes a drink from the potato peel. A jar of dried peel fill with boiling water, about ten liters of and insist. Particularly useful for such drink during the flowering period, consumed about three liters per hive.

Step 4. Prophylaxis or treatment of

The main enemies of the currant aphid, scale insects, mites and powdery mildew. The first prevention is early spring, when the bushes throwing a hot shower. Poured from a watering can spray bottle with boiling water. Before Bud plant you should handle drugs and Topaz Soon. During the summer to control ants, because they are the disseminators of the aphid.

Step 5. Haircut every year

Pruning should be carried out after the cessation of SAP flow, not necessarily every year. On the Bush leave 10 – 15 uneven-age branches. Cutting, do not leave stumps, as there are breeds pests. Branch of black currant fairly quickly grow old, about five – six years. If you don’t rejuvenate the Bush, the number of berries is reduced and they are shrinking. Begin pruning old plants, cutting each branch, leaving up to four buds. Cutting enhances branching, promotes growth of strong new shoots.

Step 6. That’s substitution

More than ten years, the Bush of black currant to keep is not worth it. The berries are larger, crop more, only a strong young saplings. The replacement should start gotovit when your plant was about seven or eight years. Propagate favorite shrubs by layering. Make grooves around the Bush and bending strong branches prispela them, sprinkle the earth. By the autumn of shoots and form a mass of roots, cuttings cut from the Bush with a lump of earth transplanted to a permanent place.

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