How to grow healthy seedlings of petunias

How to grow healthy seedlings of petunias? After all, the quality of seedlings largely determines its further growth and flowering. With the right approach to the cultivation of this plant will delight gardeners with luxurious curtain for a long time.

Как вырастить здоровую рассаду петунии

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Many gardeners choose for their flower beds of petunias, as these flowers amaze with the variety of colors and length of flowering. The plants are extremely hardy and not demanding of care. However, to grow good seedlings petunias is far from over. Difficulties may begin with the first steps: grows only a couple of seeds or seedlings does not exist.

How to choose and buy Petunia seeds

Petunias range in stores very diverse and large. When selecting varieties consider the following features:

— It is preferable to choose a specific variety, rather than a mixture, as assorted petunias from seed rarely produce the desired result.

— Bush varieties are suitable for planting in the ground, and for containers and hanging baskets, you should choose a basket kind of petunias.

— Buy flower seeds best in reliable gardening stores and from trusted manufacturers.

— It’s best to plant pelleted seeds, because seeds without shell very small, they are difficult to distribute evenly on the soil surface.

How to sow Petunia seedlings

To grow good seedlings of Petunia, it’s sown on the surface of the soil, not prisypaya top with earth. With the help of some sharp object should pick up the seed and transfer it to the seedling container.

For sowing petunias convenient to use containers with lids for the greenhouse effect. Such containers allows for easy ventilation and passes a sufficient amount of light. Pelleted seeds, which are usually placed in bags of 8-10 pieces, well planted in containers of eggs. Obtained for each plant a separate seat.

After planting the seeds to sprinkle the soil with water and close tight with a lid or polythene. Petunias periodically to ventilate and monitor the accumulation of condensate. Watering is produced as the drying of the soil.

Within two weeks there are the first shoots of flowers. If during this period the seedlings were not given about itself to know, to grow seedlings of Petunia has not come out — the seeds are hardly suitable for cultivation.

Pick petunias

To swordplay seedlings of petunias should be approached very seriously and be extremely careful. Slightly grown seedlings, we are careful to pass in individual small containers. This is perfect plastic cups, small pots. Seedling scoop oblong subject, removed with a small lump of land and dive into individual containers. First the tanks bore holes to drain excess water, and placed pebbles or expanded clay for good drainage. A week after the transplant, the plants begin to feed, it should be done every 10-14 days. Petunias watered at the roots without affecting the tip of the seedling.

Since the plants are quite large branched root system, which requires a large enough volume of soil for growing good seedlings petunias to dive it better in a small container. A month should be transplanted into bigger containers. The plants are quite easily transferred to transplant and take root quickly in the new soil.

Care of seedlings of Petunia

For seedlings petunias need proper care and careful supervision. When there is insufficient irrigation drought can kill plants, and excess water causes disease, the emergence of so-called «black feet» or root rot of seedlings.

Petunia is a very light flower. So when planting seedlings it is necessary to ensure that the seeds receive enough light for good development and earlier flowering. For additional lighting gardeners typically use led or fluorescent lamps.

Optimum development of seedlings requires the right temperature. Before the emergence of the first shoots of petunias is required to heat 25 degrees. Seedlings already need regular airing and gradually increase your stay outdoors. Extreme temperatures can kill seedlings.

To grow healthy seedlings petunias need regular feeding. Fertilize the seedlings in any plant fertilizer. When the plant is fully formed and begins to bloom, you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen application and increase potassium. The seedlings stop dialing green a lot, and they get lots of buds.

So the plant looks neat and compact, gardeners pinch out growing shoots. But we should remember that this applies to simple Kustov petunias ampelnoe still will not give lots of side shoots.

If the seedlings are to exercise proper care, by the middle of may grown healthy seedlings of petunias ready to move in open ground. Under suitable weather conditions can be transplanted in beds, in pots or balcony boxes.



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