What sort of everbearing raspberry is one of the best «Caramel»

Raspberry is one of the most popular garden plants. Its berries are not only tasty, they have a whole set of useful properties, allowing their use in folk medicine. Breeders displayed a huge number of varieties, among which a special place is the new everbearing raspberry «delicious» name «Caramel».

Малина "Карамелька"

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In the state register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation, approved for use, the sort of «Jelly» included most recently, he was registered in the year 2016. However, growers have already managed to appreciate the benefits of sweet berries with a flavor of wild raspberries, because seedlings «Caramel» appeared on the market much earlier.


The Bush varieties are erect, have a small amount of curved spikes down, located throughout the escape. Leaf blade slightly rugose, slaboden and a little twisted. Their color is green. A characteristic feature of the varieties is the size of the fruit. Berries «Candy» large. As the authors of the varieties, their average weight is 3.8 g, and some specimens reaching 8 g. the Flesh is sweet and fragrant. The peduncle with the fruit separates easily, making harvesting much easier.

The yield is high, on average it is 5 kg per plant, while fruiting occurs in the first year of planting, what distinguishes this from other raspberry varieties.

«Duet» is remontant raspberries. This means that the harvest can be removed as two year old shoots and annual, the plant bears fruit several times a season.

Features planting everbearing raspberry

«Duet», like other everbearing varieties, it is very demanding to the composition of the substrate, light and temperature. For raspberry you need to choose an open, Sunny site, as the yield is greatly reduced even with a small shadow. The optimal landing spot will be the place located on the South side of buildings: house, barn or fence. Wall helps protect the plants from strong winds.

Raspberry prefers loose fertile soil. Before planting seedlings Caramels gardeners need to prepare the soil. On a site intended under the raspberry bushes is based on 1 m 2 make:

  • 2-3 buckets of compost or humus;
  • 200 ml of NPK.

Перед посадкой в грунт необходимо внести перегнойIt is important to have planting in the area where it grew potatoes, tomatoes, peppers or eggplant. But where grew the raspberry, the better the seedlings are not planted.

Master class on planting raspberries

  • Seedlings of «Candy» can be planted in spring (March) and autumn (October). In advance, prepare the soil, dig it and make organic and mineral fertilizers.
  • Make holes at a distance of 0.7–0.9 m apart. The depth of the holes should be about 40 cm and width 0.5 m.
  • If you want to arrange planting rows, between lines leave a space of 1.5–2 m. This will help facilitate care for raspberry bushes to provide the necessary ventilation.
  • In each hole add 2 tablespoons of superphosphate and pour them.
  • Shorten shoots to 30 cm.
  • Place seedlings in the hole, spread the roots and cover them with soil.
  • Again pour the landing.
  • Малине сорта

    The secrets of competent care for everbearing raspberries

    Farming techniques are simple. Care for raspberries consists of periodic loosening of soil, hilling shoots, watering and fertilizing. If we stick to rekomendatsii, berries will grow large and sweet, and the bushes will bear fruit until frost.

    Hoeing and loosening for the perfect development of raspberry

    Regular loosening of soil on the site with raspberry is the primary step of skin care. The procedure should be carried out 2 times a month throughout the season. To loosen necessary after watering to a depth of about 6 cm, while near the bushes to do it carefully as the root system of the raspberry close to the surface. During the cultivation, needs a bit of Spud shoots.

    Abundant watering and «tasty» dressing

    Watered the raspberries as needed. If the summer is rainy, the procedure may be waived, and in dry periods it is necessary to moisten the planting every 2-3 weeks. Watering raspberries need rich, for one hive should have about 10 liters of moisture.

    Note that waterlogging culture is also not tolerate. Stagnant moisture can lead to rotting of the root system.

    Увлажнение проводят методом дождеванияTo make fertilizer for everbearing raspberries should be three times during the vegetation season. The first child should be held in March. At this time dumped on the raspberry the compost (2 buckets per 1 m2) and ammonium nitrate (15 g) and urea (10 g).

    A second foliar application should be made during flowering. In 10 liters of water to dissolve 3 tablespoons of double superphosphate and 2 tablespoons of potassium sulfate. This amount of fertilizer is enough for 1 sq. m.

    In the autumn after the fruiting period (usually in the second half of September) spend a third child. The nutrient solution is prepared from:

    • 10 liters of water;
    • 1 tbsp. l. potassium sulfate;
    • 2 tbsp.l. superphosphate.

    Bring the liquid in the wet ground, and then mulch it with straw or sawdust.


    Shoots of raspberry «Jelly» is quite high, they can reach 2 m in height. Although they are durable, but the weight of an abundant crop they can set has sturdy stems, but under the weight of the fruit bends to the ground, so experienced gardeners gardeners recommend tying it to the trellis.

    Подвязка малины

    Setting design, do so:

  • At the edges of rows set support height of 2 m at a distance of 3-4 m from each other.
  • Posts bury in the soil at 45-50 cm
  • From one prop to another to pull 3 rows of wire: 0.7 m, 1 m and 1.5 m.
  • Tie the shoots to the wire.
  • Pruning

    This procedure is quite simple. In October or November of shears, cut all shoots to ground level. For the winter in the ground leaving only the roots, so the frost resistance in the variety is excellent. However, this pruning fruiting on one-year shoots will come much later. To obtain an early harvest, you can leave part of annual shoots, tie them and bend to the ground, and in the spring before Bud break and will have to be shortened to 25 cm.

    Обрезка ремонтантной малины

    Since «Caramel» gives a large number of root seedlings, the procedure pruning is performed in summer. In June you should remove all weak shoots and shoots. The stems are cut near the base of the roots. During this procedure leave 5-6 of the most powerful escapes in the Bush.

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