Red color in interior design

Red is considered to be one of the most vibrant, dynamic and provocative in the spectrum. Shades of red are widely distributed throughout. This color can be found in nature, in the surrounding area, but almost everywhere. And although it is so common, it still should be wary to use when creating the interior space.

Красный цвет в дизайне интерьера

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The red color has a strong influence on the human psyche, therefore, to add a design it wisely. Below we consider the pros and cons of using red, as well as the possibility of combining it with other shades.

Cons significant amount of red in the interior

This color has a strong irritating and stimulating effect on the human nervous system. Therefore, a long stay in a room decorated in red tones, negative impact on emotional state. This color can cause irritation, anxiety. Excessive amount of red tiring and significantly reduces the performance.

If the walls of the room decorated in red, it will make the room visually less. The strongest effect of pressure and reduce the space give a clean tone and red-orange.

The benefits of using red

If the red color used in the design intelligently and harmoniously, it gives people a significant boost of energy, significantly improves mood.

Red shades also have a positive effect on libido, raise sexual energy.

This color can form a festive mood. It is great for holidays, parties and various celebrations. One has only to recall the concert or theatre halls, decorated in red color (or shades of it).

Red color is used in the creation of various ethnic interiors. For example, it can be found in the premises, made in Arabic or Chinese styles.

Color combinations. Red and…

Red and white

It is a good combination that will help to reduce the aggression of red. By adding white formed a harmonious interior, creating a feeling of lightness, of freedom. Also thanks to the white room visually expands, while the area of the room seems more.

Red and black

This combination, unlike the first, on the contrary creates the feeling of a pressure aggressiveness, bleakness, tension. Red and black in his color rarely are paired in the interior. Often use shades that mitigate aggressiveness. For example, black and Burgundy can give the room an atmosphere of aristocracy, refinement.

Often this combination is diluted with white, silver or gold color. Thanks to the first two space visually expands. Golden shades give the interior a kind of solemnity, splendor.

Red and orange (or other warm)

When combined with red orange or yellow slightly dampen the aggressiveness of this color, significantly reduce the negative impact on the nervous system. However, these combinations are very stimulating and exciting. The design of the room colors is possible, if the room is uninhabited. For example, a combination of red and yellow is perfect for the gym, shop, games room, etc.

Red and green

This combination in the interior is found quite often. The contrast that is created with red and green, the room looks bright and spectacular. However, it is worth remembering that these two colors enhance each other, therefore, next to the green red will be brighter, and its impact on the psyche is even stronger.

Red and grey

This combination is perfect for office space, and in the living room will look great. The grey color allows to reduce the pressure of the red, it harmonizes, reduces the overall stimulating effect. A room decorated in these shades, you’ll be the comfort and feeling of spaciousness.

The interior in red tones, allows to increase the activity, vitality, tone. But at the same time a long stay in such a room can adversely affect the nervous system, cause fatigue, irritation. To avoid such unpleasant moments, the red should be diluted by other, mild and bright hues.

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