How to use white color in the interior

Designers have long recognized that formed in white color interior is a good decision. Its white fails to correctly adjust the amount of space, in particular, to increase it. Also in the interior of this color can be perfectly combined with other, each time getting different results in terms of perception.

белый цвет в интерьере

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The pros and cons of using white color in the interior

Through the use of white color in a room can convey a feeling of lightness space. If white pushes the boundaries of the room visually becomes greater. Due to this color the room seems to be filled with air, formed a feeling of weightlessness. Also the white color as if softens the furniture and the surrounding space.

An advantage of this shade is the fact that white is very plastic. If you combine in a single design composition, white color and any warm color, the overall impression is nice and soft. Conversely, cool colors combined with white creates a certain freshness, even sharpness.

This color is perfect for work areas, for places where the necessary concentration. White is often used in the design of kitchens, bathrooms, because it is associated with purity and even sterility. The only negative in this case – on the bright surface are clearly visible even minor stains and traces of fat.

In the living room due to the white color creates a feeling of spaciousness, lightness, ease. Such colors promotes rest, relaxation. No less will look nice white color when decorating bedrooms. Well he adjusts to the dream, brings calm and tranquility, improves mood. Sleep in the bedroom, decorated in white tones, will be strong and enjoyable.

However, despite all the advantages, the color white has also a number of disadvantages.

Do not want to use it in the interior of undiluted (no additional colors), as in this case, it is firmly associated with the hospital room. For many people this Association is a stress factor.

Also large quantities of white color may have a negative impact on the individual’s vision, as quickly tire the eyes.

The nuances of the application of white color in interior design

Despite the fact that the white color is perfect for almost any rooms and areas, it should also be used correctly.

Firstly, a pure white color only looks good in combination with all sorts of textures and uneven surfaces. Ceramic decoration, textile, stone – all great fit. Due to the resulting highlights and shadows of the white color will appear many different shades that perfectly diversifies the interior. But a smooth, level surface will create a sense of monotony, of boredom, of monotony.

Second, remember that the perception of white color is changed when combined with other colors. If you want the feeling of warmth and coziness, to dilute the white should be yellow, red, orange or brown. This color combination is suitable for areas where not enough sunlight. The cold atmosphere is created by mixing in one interior white and blue, purple, green colors.

Thirdly, keep in mind that the white color has its own shades, each of which have different looks: white, shade, cotton, cream, ivory, snow, etc. due to this diversity harmoniously to arrange the room, make it very beautiful and unique.

The impact of white people

Interior made in white color, very suitable for people who aspire to freedom and independence. It helps to calm down, so it will be good for those who want to relax at home and to gain strength. White color promotes creativity. It is perfect for interior design to people seeking self-development and self-expression.

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