How to care for Lucky bamboo

Many saw in the stores bamboo happiness – beautiful twig with leaves of delicate green. Some acquire a beautiful tree in the flask and do not know how to care for it on.

Как ухаживать за бамбуком Лаки

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The plant is sold in a small flask. You can leave him in it. Bamboo is different because it can be left in the water. This method is a peculiar kind of hydroponics. Do not forget to regularly wash the jar and change the water, and the main thing – constantly to add it. The plant gives the roots, and fairly quickly. Need to clarify: it is not necessary to transplant it into the ground. It remains to find a suitable container.

Unfortunately, the flask in which the Lucky bamboo is sold in shopping malls, often breaks down and spoils quickly. Find other containers for storage.

Also a dracaena sander can be planted in the ground. For her it is available separately. It needs to contain a lot of substances that hold moisture. Don’t forget to arrange good drainage.

Many people try to use the hydrogel. If you pour it in a glass flask, is very convenient. Bamboo is gaining stability, but if you take the color of the hydrogel and spread its layers – you can create very beautiful composition. Don’t forget: it’s not cheap, and not always safe for plants, which is still grown in conditions far from ideal.

In addition to frequent watering, the bamboo needs light, but it often acquire due to the fact that it is grown successfully in shineth not; yea the premises. It can be put on the kitchen table, or shelf in the office. Besides, direct sunlight is unsafe for him. Don’t forget to spray and wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. A break off them, not to take energy from the plant. But one branch with leaves can be left.

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