How to make the poinsettias from Tamarana

All I know is a plant with large bright petals. It is possible to create beautiful jewelry and home decor. To make a flower from Tamarana for the holidays a snap. You will immediately see that the house will be more color.

Как сделать пуансетию из фоамирана

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You will need

  • — tameran red – 3 sheet 1 product;
  • — tameran green for the leaves and bases of the flower;
  • — threads of green and red;
  • — stamens for flowers (blank) 15 1 product;
  • glue;
  • — gold braid – 1 m;
  • — branches of a fir – 3 PCs.;
  • — glitter blue;
  • varnish in the can;
  • — silver and gold gouache.


1. The first step is to cut the workpiece. Make the petals. They should be pointed, elongated. On the bottom row will require 8 petals, medium – 6 small – 3. Blanks are cut on the pattern. Also cut the leaves. Each flower should have 6 green leaves, the shape and size they need to be as large red leaves. Don’t forget that the poinsettias are called «Christmas star», and it is, in any case, I must remind such form. The size of the flower diameter should be 10 cm that is, the largest petal size may be 5 cm do Not forget that stretching the size of the blanks is slightly increased.

2. Now prepare the leaves and petals. Tamaran – all the rage in recent years, prized for the elasticity. Need a little stretch each workpiece to the leaves and petals began to look more natural. No need to exert themselves, otherwise the flower will become a fading, if not torn. It is also necessary to draw the veins. For this fit an ordinary toothpick. It is necessary to press evenly, to avoid scratching the material. The petals gather together around the stamens, on the rise. Around fix green leaves to be seen between large red petals. The design is held together by thread and glue.

3. Collect tree branches. First they have to decorate gouache. Our goal is to make it so that it covers the needle, Recalling the snow. It is better to choose natural colors blue, white blue. Use a normal soft brush. Gouache dries quickly, which distinguishes it from oils or pastels. They need to bond together – for this we use Golden braid. If you are going to hang design – it is necessary to make a suitable loop. Remains of tape are placed on the branches instead of ornaments. Alternatively, you can use the rain, but then the branches will have to fasten a wire, and it is necessary to disguise the same rain.

4. The final step is glitter. It is sprayed on the branches and sprinkle the top with varnish. Accordingly, it must be transparent.

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