How to make the crate floor independently

The crate floor is necessary in order to improve its strength properties, to increase the service life of the coating, and it also gives the opportunity to insulate the floor with rolled mineral wool.

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Used for bars with a width of not less than 40 mm. They should be qualitatively planed and dried, in addition, they are also kept in the room for which they are intended. To prepare the material stock, since in the process of keeping some boards can come into disrepair. Still need backing plates or pieces of dense wood material, such as fiberboard or MDF. All the bars and lining need to be treated with antiseptic.

You’ll need the usual tools that most likely will be in the Arsenal of any owner. A tape measure, hammer, level, drill and screwdriver. For fastening bruskov need to purchase anchor bolts and metal parts with holes.

The pieces of MDF attached to the bottom of the floor, first fit the longitudinal beams — joists. The distance between 30-50 cm From the walls also should step back approximately 2-3 cm During installation should strictly control the level of the floor, if necessary, adjust it using the plastic wedges. Them without problems can be found in specialized stores.

On the joists fit cross-boards with a pitch of about 50 cm In the obtained cell is placed a heater, on top of all cover with a layer of vapor barrier attached to the sheathing industrial stapler. You can increase the insulation and waterproofing is the future of sex. To do this, before installing the lining boards should be lay the layer of protective material to the wooden elements of the structure are not absorbed moisture from the concrete. And lining set on rubber base. They are able to suppress small vibrations.

After completion of all works on installation of floor sheathing should be aligned with the sheet of plywood. It is possible to lay almost any floor covering such as linoleum, laminate, ceramic tile and carpet.

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