How to repair the roof quickly

Roof repair their own hands should be held at the first signs of dampness on the ceiling and walls in the house. Tightening with this procedure it is impossible in any case. The consequences of even a minor defect can become a costly roof repair roof system and need to purchase new furniture and household appliances. The method of repair of a roof depends first and foremost, of course, from what material it is made.

Как отремонтировать крышу

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1. For starters, look at how to repair a roof roofing. Such a roof shape with the use of cloths of the same material and asphalt mastic. The last is easiest to buy in the store. Mastic heat in the bucket on a slow fire, stirring occasionally. Then add the chalk in a ratio of 4:1. Cut from the web of roofing material piece of such a size that it overlaps the gap of the roof or a crack of 10 cm on all sides.

2. Apply mastic to the damaged area of the roof and patch. Firmly press the piece of glass and flatten it with a roller. The use of this tool will be a great answer to the question about how to repair a roof home roofing correctly. Additionally over the edges of the patch with bitumen.

Как отремонтировать крышу

3. In the slate roof first clean the damaged layers of dust and dirt. Repair of a roof of a private house slate is usually done using a special mixture, you can prepare a meal yourself. In order to do this you first chop a piece of asbestos sheet almost to dust. Mix PVA glue with water in a ratio of 1:1. Add the crushed asbestos. Mix the resulting mass with cement M400 in the ratio of 3:2. Thoroughly RUB the prepared composition in the damaged area of the roof. After some time, apply a second defect layer of the mixture.

Ремонт крыши частного

4. How to repair a metallocherepichnoy roof? Such a roof also first clean of dirt. Degrease the edges of the holes or cracks up to 5 cm with a solvent. Apply on the damaged sealant with a slouchy fit on a sheet of 2-3 cm. the crack or hole with a length of 5-10 cm, apply a patch of fiberglass. For mounting use a special glue. Cover with a glass patch on top of the minium in several layers.

5. If a crack or hole in the metal have a size of more than 10-15 cm, cut out the damaged area using the grinder. Put on the roof patch, the size of which exceeds the cut area a few inches around the perimeter. If so, repair the leak fail, replace the entire sheet of metal completely. This technique in this case would be the best answer to the question on how to repair the roof, covered with polymer-zinc sheets.

Ремонт крыши своими руками

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