How to solder wire

In household appliances and appliances used by a large number of wires of different cross-section and material. Sometimes there is the need to solder an exploding wire. Solder the wires as you can with the help of a soldering iron, and without it.

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How to solder aluminum wire

For durable soldering aluminum wire, its ends must be zaludit. To do this, the end of the wire strip off the insulation with an ordinary knife or a pair of pliers. The stripped wire is placed on a medium-grained sandpaper and applied resin. Well, pressing a heated soldering iron, tinned the surface. Oxide film of aluminium is very resistant, therefore, the procedure of zalogowania repeated several times. To remove the oxide film from aluminium conductors can also instead of using rosin technical mineral oil or alkaline gun oil. The ends of the wire applied a small amount of solder and pressed the soldering iron. After a few seconds the solder cools, spav aluminum wire.

How to solder wire nichrome

For soldering the wires of nichrome in the industry use special activated fluxes. But in everyday life they will be able to replace conventional acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin put on the wire end and pressed a hot soldering iron. Acid wets nichrome wire, removing the oxides. Aligning the two ends of the wire, they put a small amount of solder and a hot soldering iron melted it. During solidification the solder of the solder wire. When melted, aspirin produces a large amount of caustic gas, so soldering these wires should be in a ventilated area and using PPE.

How to solder wires without soldering

If the cross-section of the wire alloy with high specific resistance is not more than 0.2 mm, at its ends is wound copper wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm. Two ends of the wire make the upper part of the flame alcohol burner. The thin copper wire begins to melt. Removing the wire from the flame, the copper hardens instantly, securely soldering the wire. The ends of the copper wire that is not melted, cut with a pair of pliers. Similarly, you can solder the copper wires of large cross-section with wires of nichrome, manganin and constant. Solder here is a serve-yourself copper wire, melting under the influence of the burner flame.

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