How to treat linoleum

Linoleum is a practical and inexpensive floor covering. It is because of these reasons it is often chosen when the budget repair. However, if you do not follow some rules, linoleum very quickly come into disrepair.

Как правильно ухаживать за линолеумом в домашних условиях

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What not to do, if you choose linoleum as your flooring?

1. Linoleum is quite sensitive to mechanical damage. If you walk on this floor with stiletto heels, to drag heavy furniture metal legs, etc., on the linoleum will remain enough traces. It is important to remember that such sensitivity coating characteristic not only for the household (cheap), but semi-commercial and commercial linoleum (more resistant to mechanical damage).

2. The appearance of linoleum spoils after exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature. Is, for example, several times to clean the floor with hot water and you can expect the appearance of unsightly bald spots on the flooring. By the way, frost can also damage the linoleum after exposure to low temperatures may cause cracks.

3. Aggressive detergents may adversely affect the structure of linoleum — using solutions of acids or alkalis when cleaning can not only erase the protective layer and the pattern, but also cause the floor irreparable damage.

How to care for linoleum at home?

1. The best option of cleaning dust and debris from the linoleum — using a soft broom or vacuum cleaner. If you do without washing is impossible, use a damp but not too wet cloth.

Please note! A large amount of water (for example, leaks from the neighbors) as soon as possible to remove that linoleum is not deformed.

2. All the dirt is better to remove immediately, without waiting for the diffusion to happen.

If the linoleum is heavily soiled, do not wash the dirt using hard sponges and other abrasives. Use special cleaners.

3. To minimize mechanical damage to the linoleum, use special pads on furniture legs.

Helpful hint: do not dispose of even small pieces of linoleum left over after the change of flooring. They will be useful for patches in the event of damage to the linoleum in the process of operation.

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