How to care for laminate flooring

Laminate flooring today is very often used for the flooring in the apartments and houses. He has served long enough for him to properly care for.

Как правильно ухаживать за ламинатом в домашних условиях

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For a start it is worth mentioning that a very important the right choice of flooring, because even the highest quality laminate floor is not suitable for areas where humidity is high or there is a high chance of mechanical damage.

What not to do, if the floor finish used laminate

1. Minimize the possibility of mechanical damage to the laminate:

— Do not walk on the laminate on the heels.

— For the legs of furniture, use a soft lining.

— The wheels have movable furniture should not be hard (plastic, metal).

— If laminate flooring laid in the corridor, often clean the area, as sand, small stones, which we bring on the shoes, this is a wonderful abrasive.

2. Like all materials in the production of which used the products of woodworking industry, the laminate is very sensitive to water, so it is worth to mention that frequent washing of the laminate is not necessary. This is especially true laminate so-called economy class. Due to frequent shampooing laminate a wet rag (as, for example, and when saltii your apartment neighbors) laminate may Slough, and this problem, if the swelling enough time has passed, can be corrected only by the replacement of the damaged section of flooring.

How to care for laminate flooring at home

The most suitable option of cleaning the dirt from the floor — dry. Use a vacuum cleaner or a MOP to collect dust and debris.

If you spill a sweet drink, paint, something else that can not be removed with a dry cloth, you can use a damp cloth, but once the spot is washed, dry the problem area of the floor. Please note that washing the laminate need it damp (that is wrung out well), but not with a wet cloth!

Tip: use special means to care for laminate flooring (neutral). Compounds in which much acid or alkali will irreversibly damage your flooring!

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