How to lay vinyl tiles with their hands

Vinyl floor tiles is a relatively new material, the installation of which is carried out simply enough. Such material is characterized by durability, high strength, practicality. Worth noting and environmental cleanliness – this parameter is rather important when choosing floor coverings in the apartment.

Как производится укладка виниловой плитки

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Vinyl tiles are most often present on the construction markets in the squares of 30 by 30 centimeters. Before buying the material you want to measure the floor space. Only if the calculations required add 10% for waste – better to buy the material with a margin, than to go to the store when it is shortage.

Before laying this tile flooring must also be carefully prepared. Of course, the surface should be no traces of oil, paint, in General – smooth surface is an important indicator. If there are cracks, seams, any seams be sure they sealed! If the floor is wood – oscillate it. A concrete floor treated with a primer for a secure grip.

If your tiles lock connection (called «thorn-groove»), start laying from the wall. The first row position to the wall with a stud (of course, with their tongue cut off). Just remember that you need to follow the recommended distance from the wall not less than three millimeters to the tiles.

The first row is laid? Then from the groove remove the protective film, then with the top vinyl tile Lenka remove the paper that covers the adhesive edge. Now, place the next tile (to 45 degrees), connect. After laying the coating «laminate» it is definitely special shaft (up to eighty pounds).

If the tile you «glue», then you will need to produce markup. Lay the middle of the room. Gently repel the chalk line with a rope, pulling it from wall to wall. Mark the middle of the line angle (should be straight), spend the following line (perpendicular).

Here too all is simple enough – a quarter of the area required to apply the adhesive, wait about fifteen minutes. Well now you can put the material from the center of the room – carefully monitor the combination of tiles with incised lines. Each tile prokatyvaja ramming roller.

Lay the remaining tile in a similar way. The extra pieces are cut with a sharp knife. Then comes the installation of the baseboards around the perimeter of the room. Glue residue removed.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in installing a high-quality and durable material, like vinyl tile!

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