What seeds you need to plant in February

Country vanity, not surprisingly, begins in February. Many plants need early sowing, as they have a long growing season.

Какие семена нужно посадить в феврале

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What vegetables to plant in February

Bulgarian pepper. Seedlings of this heat-loving vegetable ready to disembark only at 70-80 days after germination. The chili pepper is traditionally planted in February to get a good seedlings.

Eggplant. Seedlings of eggplant for a very long time rises, and as a whole is quite Moody. Sow eggplant seedlings in one time with sweet peppers (in the middle or at the end of February).

Celery. Seedlings of celery, approximately 2.5 months after germination, so you need to have time to sow until mid-February.

Potatoes. Some varieties of potatoes require planting no later than February (we are talking about potato cultivation through seedlings).

Leek. Leek trying to plant until the beginning of March, and planted soil after 60 days of growth.

What flowers to plant in February

Petunia. So Petunia was pleased with the early may flowering, seedlings it is necessary to sow in February.

Tsiniya. Seeds zinnia for quite a long time to germinate, so plant them in late winter.

Chrysanthemum. For early flowering chrysanthemums can be sown in February.

Also in February, sow lavender, begonia, Salvia, delphinium, Primula and other flowers.

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