Fashion maternity 2016

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when you can fully update a wardrobe. Earlier, women in an interesting position offered baggy dresses, skirts and tunics, whose sole purpose was to hide rounded tummy. But things are changing! Fashionable maternity clothes 2016 is intended to underline all advantages of a figure and belly.

мода для беременных 2016

To emphasize the shape and not hide it under wide clothes, fit models remains unchanged, but for the stomach there is a place, usually from a different cloth and on an adjustable elastic band — the future mother with nothing, and the legs, thighs and Breasts highlighted.

Trendy outfits for pregnant 2016

1. The first in the line of leaders are, of course, dresses. In the new year, designers advise to pay attention on dress-bells, high-waisted, elongated models and dress-shirts. The bottom of the products may be designed asymmetrically, may be pleated or smooth. Wearing expectant mother will be comfortable in the first months of pregnancy, and for the last weeks.

To combine such dresses with shoes to go low or high heels and fashion accessories.

модные платья для беременных 2016

модные платья для беременных фото

платья для беременных 2016 фото

2. Fashion trends 2016 for pregnant women are not spared and pants. They presented skinny jeans, leggings and breeches. Of course, any model should be designed for pregnant women, and cut involves special belt for belly, not impede blood circulation. In the warmer months instead of pants you can wear shorts for pregnant women.

And pants, and shorts are perfectly combined with shirts, bright t-shirts and sweaters.

брюки для беременных 2016 фото

3. Elongated sweaters, jackets, blouses and shirts. This is also the trend of the new season, designed not only to beautify a pregnant woman, but also to protect the lower back from getting cold.

Such clothing is comfortable to combine with jeans and with leggings or breeches (skirts in the new season designers not particularly stand out, but this does not mean that they should be abandoned).

блузки для беременных 2016 фото

свитера для беременных 2016 фото

4. Fur vests, cardigans and ponchos took an honorable fourth place in the list of fashionable clothes for pregnant 2016. In them the expectant mother will feel comfortable and warm. And to be able to wear them after pregnancy, you need to choose clothes with the smell.

Were shown such a garment in the ensemble with the shoes or boots to go low.

пончо для беременных 2016 фото

плащи для беременных 2016 фото

Fashion jewelry and accessories 2016 choose according to the style of clothing and mood. Indeed, in an interesting position, it very often changes, so give preference to what you want right now, for example, a red bag to a blue dress and yellow scarf to the green cardigan. In the new season designers are not tied to accessories to items of clothing, so that flight of fancy is unlimited. Most importantly — make you happy!

модные украшения и аксессуары 2016

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