Causes of hypertension in men and women — that can cause high blood pressure

If increased blood pressure is the first sign of progressive hypertension. The resumption of symptoms shows that the disease became chronic, require the extension of the period of remission has medical methods. Maybe it’s after finding out and resolve the etiology of the pathological process.

Causes of hypertension

Under the influence of precipitating factors disrupted the permeability and elasticity of vascular walls, and in the branches of pathologically narrowed lumen. This means that blood pressure strongly presses on the walls, thereby provoking an acute attack of hypertension. The occurrence of the pathological process is preceded by a number of inciting factors, which are divided into external and internal:

  1. The first category includes the causes of hypertension, which have an effect on the vessels from outside. This change in atmospheric pressure, excessive salt intake in the daily diet, bad habits, excess weight, poor environmental conditions, passive way of life, physical, and emotional overload.
  2. The category of internal causes of hypertension doctors refer to the problem of the thyroid gland, progressive atherosclerosis, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the kidneys and adrenal glands, diabetes, abnormal concentrations of blood sugar, the satisfactory condition of the arteries.


If the body is dominated by a capacious concentration of harmful cholesterol, it means that the person adds to the risk of hypertension. The disease in his case is secondary after progressive atherosclerosis, is considered to be a complication. Abnormal narrowing of blood vessels precedes their clogged by atherosclerotic plaque and thrombus formation, resulting in blood can not properly flow through a pathologically narrowed lumen. If you do not normalize the General condition of the patient, increases the risk of hypertensive crisis.

Syndrome metabolic disorders

If the body’s metabolism is disturbed, the most common health problems faced by the patient, in a short time become overweight, diabetes, one of the forms of obesity, the internal imbalance of hormones. Metabolic syndrome and arterial hypertension are closely interconnected, so the weight gain, the patient automatically replenishes the risk.

Some people have this health problem has a genetic predisposition, others experience throughout life, for example, with numerous stress and physical strain. It is also important to consider the psychological factor when a patient deliberately distorts the normal state of health due to hypertension inner fears phobias.

The pressure increase under stress

With such a clinical picture is observed threat vasospasm, resulting in the lumen of the vascular walls of pathologically narrowed. Such an attack leads to forced vasodilation, resulting in pathologically increased diastolic blood pressure. The above-stated pathology who are prone to chronic course, often progressing in a woman’s body, and it’s not only about the older generation.

Stress and hypertension – two dangerous States that are in dire need of timely treatment. Their Union can develop in the human body a dangerous hypertensive crisis. To exclude such effects for health, it is important to avoid severe stress, emotional turmoil, stress, frustrations. The doctor will symptomatic treatment courses, advises to always have a vasodilator drug on hand.

Hypertension and kidney disease

When renal dysfunction doctors do not exclude a dangerous jump in blood pressure, which is characterized as renal hypertension. The disease is called glomerulonephritis, has become a major cause of secondary hypertension. In addition, doctors do not exclude such pathological processes of the urinary system with constant irregular blood pressure:

  • stenosis of renal arteries;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • hyperaldosteronism.

Progressive hypertension in renal disease is not treated until eliminated from the life of the patient is the main provoking factor, the cause of the pathology. The woman and the man will undergo a full examination to determine the causes of high blood pressure and after medical methods to address them, extend the period of remission of the underlying disease. Often specified the nidus violates the diastolic (bottom) blood pressure, which is popularly called the kidney.

What is elevated blood pressure in women

The main causes of high blood pressure may depend on the gender of the patient. For example, in a woman’s body, this symptom appears more often reduces the quality of life, disrupts the normal functioning of the heart. Men hypertension characteristic of more advanced age, but not less dangerous, is a symptom of unstable operation of the organs of hematopoiesis. You should start with the fairer sex, the doctors isolated the following causes of high blood pressure in women:

  • kidney failure;
  • the formation of adrenal tumors;
  • the contraceptive pill;
  • menopause, menopause;
  • pregnancy;
  • developing diabetes;
  • obesity.

Causes of high blood pressure in men

Such clinical pictures in practice it is found much less they develop mostly after the age of 40. If high blood pressure is reminded of the sharp attack is not once, it is an eternal symptom that will have to stop conservative methods. It is important to not only eliminate the symptoms but also the cause of disturbing hypertension. The disease is getting younger every year. The main causes of hypertension in men may be the following:

  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • diseases of the kidneys;
  • excessive intake of salt;
  • nervous exhaustion;
  • long-term exercise;
  • factor of production;
  • kidney stones;
  • features power;
  • the release of adrenaline in the blood;
  • inflammatory processes of organs of the CNS.

Hypertension at a young age

The development of the disease getting younger every year, and the youth it is a common reaction to stress, nervous tension. If not to take care of psychosomatics, the number of relapses at a young age will continue to increase, and after a few months the cardiologist will put chronic diagnosis. Potential causes of hypertension at a young age can be the following:

  • excessive physical load;
  • grueling athletic training;
  • improper diet;
  • the lack of physical activity;
  • bad habits as alcoholism;
  • surface self-treatment of major diseases;
  • nervous shock.

Causes of nocturnal hypertension

Characteristic disease predominates in the chronic form, is prone to frequent seizures. There are clinical, when the violation of the systolic indicator falls in most cases at night time. Contributes to the deviation failure of the biological clock and rhythms, but this is only one version of modern physicians. In fact, the main causes of nocturnal hypertension is not detected, however, the characteristic disruption of the cardiovascular system in a short time acquires a sustainable character.

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