Time management is the Eisenhower matrix, methods of planning and managing time

Not all of us manage to cope with all the tasks on time, some of them actually are removed from the list or postponed for later. Success or improvement in this case can not speak, because successful people manage to do everything, and this helps them time management.

What is time management

If you don’t have time to deal with all that piled on your shoulders, you will help the latest technique for time management, or otherwise it is called time management (time management – eng.). Definition the definition of the following: time management is a special scoring program that trains the person to rationally allocate their time to perform all the necessary functions to achieve the goal. The outcome of the training is complete control over their time and the ability to prioritize is not to the detriment of yourself, your family, work and so on.

In today’s world where every second counts and the saying «Time is money» is perceived in the literal sense, because it is very difficult to properly distribute the forces and to pay attention to all areas of life. Courses time management designed for executives, workers, men, women, children – for those who don’t want to stand still, and used to achieve anything, and for a short period of time.

History of time management

The first issue of effective organization is affected in the 20-ies of the last century. A. K. Gastev, Director of the Institute of labour CIT develops the idea that success is largely dependent on personal efficiency. Then with the onset of the NEP, the history of time management shall be suspended and returned only in the 70-ies with the release of the book, Granin «This strange life». In 2007 he opened the first Department time management in the Moscow financial-industrial University.

The principles of time management

Before you learn the basic principles of time management, it is necessary to give answers to the following questions:

  • Why make a case?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why should we do it now?
  • Why do I act like this?

The answers will help to understand how it is essential for you, why do you need and what you will be able to bring its implementation. Managing time in the right way achieved using the principles of the technique:

  • prioritization;
  • setting the goals;
  • the preservation of order in the Affairs.
  • consideration of the biorhythm;
  • effective use of time-out;
  • knowledge of what takes up all your time.

Tools of time management

You probably didn’t think about how much time to spend on absolutely do not want a job that takes you away from the cherished goal. If you delve into this subject, you will be astonished. Tools of time management will help you convert your daily activities into more productive:

  • Rest. You need to be able to find time not only for work but also for leisure, because otherwise, where else to take force to achieve their goals?
  • Planning time. The correct allocation of cases will help you to do more than you expect.
  • Say «no». The ability to abandon unnecessary Affairs or to say «no» to requests that interfere with your plans is a huge advantage.
  • Internal motivation. Without it you have nothing.

Technology time management

There are several options for management of their time. Each technique of time management can bring you to your desired result, but it is important not to rely only on it, and to try to do all the time, because without your participation nothing will budge. So, how to manage time will teach the following techniques:

  • Eisenhower matrix will help to prioritize and understand what matters for you is really important. On this scoring method there are 4 types of cases: urgent important non-urgent important, urgent not important and not urgent not important.
  • The Pareto principle – program time management teaches you to select from a large number of cases those that require most of your attention to quickly achieve your goal. In this procedure, 20% of wasted effort give 80% of result.
  • The method of «ABC analysis» will help you sort out more important things from the unnecessary actions that distract and drive you further from your goal.
  • Gantt chart – with the help of it people can effectively organise your daily schedule and allocate cases according to duration and severity. With the help of such software you can then study the actual course of their actions and adjust for greater productivity.
  • The method of «Tomato» – the concept of this technique helps not to be distracted by trivia. Just set a timer for 25 minutes and perform strictly the task. All. Then make a break and repeat till it’s done.
  • Duration – every time you note the time and be careful how much you spend on a particular case. After 2-3 days you will find that reading the forums have you spent more than on more useful things.
  • Task list – the simplest and most common organization time. Besides the fact that you do not have to keep in mind that we still need to do you get pleasure from what is already done when it is expunged from the list. The motivation to complete the whole list is only growing, which is very good.

Time management for women

Many men can seem like Housewives aren’t doing anything, just sitting around the house, but it is deeply misleading. Often even the most active of them need time management for women that will help you to perform all the works not only around the house. Everything takes time, and this is a huge problem – it is not enough, and everything seems to be altered, but time itself remains. One of the tools of «temporary scheduler» is the rest, without which success is very difficult to achieve.

Time management for kids

In the modern rhythm of life, even a child requires skills to manage their time, the lack of which affects everything: school clubs, extra classes, entertainment. Children often do not have time to do everything and put in priority video games, watching movies or communicating in social networks, instead of having to read or develop. Courses time management for kids will help them learn to understand time and effectively wasting it. The result will be a great learning and a busy life in which time constraints will no longer be disturbed.

Corporate time management

Some large companies have special corporate training time management to increase productivity and efficiency every day. No matter who you are: a Manager or worker, everyone needs the correct distribution of working time and self-discipline, and the fundamentals of the techniques will be taught to systematize all the cases, will bring up the goal setting. Each company is trying for a profit, but a good employee will know that the secret method of time management can safely be used and after hours.

Books on time management

It is not necessary to enroll in an expensive program on time management to understand how to best leverage your time and achieve your goals. Free access to always have textbooks with tips, techniques, elements and basic concepts of time management. You can read them yourself at any time and try to rebuild without any help. Although training show better results, really strong and motivated person can achieve what he wants. The best books on time management to read:

  • Time management by Brian Tracy. How to make time work for you.
  • How to get your Affairs in order. David Allen
  • The essentialism. Greg McKeon
  • Easiest way to stop procrastinating. Neil Fiore
  • The maximum concentration. Lucy Jo Palladino

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