Aminocaproic acid — instructions for use of Kappl in the nose or inhalations for children and adults

This substance is used to treat bleedings, pathologies of the blood, copious secretions, flu. Available in the form of solution, powder and tablets. Colds Caproic acid is used as an antiviral agent and is great for kids.

What is aminocaproic acid

This medicament is a solution, which prevents the appearance of different kinds of bleedings. In medicine, Epsilon-aminocaproic acid is a powerful hemostatic drug, used for therapeutic purposes in children and adults. The structural formula is ACC – С6Н13NО2. The mechanism of action is the following: the substance is negatively affecting the fibrinolysis of the blood, strengthens the capillaries, reducing their permeability, contributes to improving the work of antitoxic function of the liver.. in addition, it is an analogue of the vasodilator drops from a cold.

A solution of aminocaproic acid

One of the forms of distribution of this medication in the pharmaceutical composition for injection. Pharmaceutical group – one of the inhibitors of fibrinolysis. The introduction of a solution of aminocaproic acid begins to act already in 20 minutes. Excretion of the drug from the body is by the kidneys, 50% of the funds is excreted in the urine in 5 hours. For violation of renal excretory function excretion of the drug is delayed, in blood, its concentration is greatly increased. Recommended as a styptic for intracavitary operations, is injected intravenously at 20 ml.

Aminocaproic acid tablets

Alternative to solution for infusion are pills. In the package of aminocaproic acid tablets are white, round shape. They are available in bottles, cardboard acheikova packing and containers. Substance content in one tablet is 500 mg. In the composition there are 4 additional substances: povidone, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide and croscarmellose sodium. After taking the within 20 minutes the substance is absorbed into the blood and starts its action. In pregnancy, the medication is delivered to the fetus through the placenta, excreted by the kidneys.

Aminocaproic acid indications

The drug is recommended for use in patients of any age. Indications for the use of aminocaproic acid are the following:

  • bleeding during surgical procedures (urological operations);
  • premature detachment of the placenta;
  • in neurosurgical operations;
  • complicated abortion;
  • prevention of secondary hypofibrinogenemia in the blood transfusions;
  • in thoracic surgery.

In pathological conditions:

  • afibrinogenemia;
  • the hyperfibrinolysis;
  • the internal diseases with hemorrhagic syndrome;
  • blood fibrinolytic activity (dissolution of blood clots).

This tool is widely used in cosmetics – there are many recipes for homemade masks. Such tools help to deal with bruises and bags under the eyes, rosacea, contribute to the effective elimination of puffiness on the face. You can use a bit of substance in pure form or together with a capsule vitamins or adding to your day cream.

Aminocaproic acid – instructions for use

The drug in solution is injected intravenously, the limit is 100 ml, speed up to 60 drops/min, enter to 30 minutes. According to the instructions for use of aminocaproic acid, for the first hour, is introduced 80 ml, then for each hour for 20 ml for 8 hours or until complete removal of bleeding. If bleeding persists, continue the injections every 4 hours. A valid combination of injections with glucose. The daily rate of the tablets is 15 grams, 25-30 pills. For children the calculation is as follows: 0.05 g per 1 kg of body weight of the child. The average duration of treatment – from 4 to 15 days.

Aminocaproic acid in the nose

In addition to the treatment of pathologies of the blood, this substance is prescribed to treat and eliminate the symptoms of flu and colds. Often used aminocaproic acid when cold, as it has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. In addition, the tool does not dry the nasal mucosa, not constricts blood vessels. Rinse need 2-4 drops 5 times a day, treatment course – 3 days. Caproic acid in the nose is recommended for:

  • strengthening blood vessels;
  • eliminating swelling;
  • treatment of adenoids in children;
  • reduce the number of purulent secretions from the nasal cavity;
  • eliminate symptoms of rhinitis.

Aminocaproic acid for inhalation children

Good reviews on the treatment of colds, rhinitis, sinusitis proved that the medication effectively fights with similar problems. Inhalation aminocaproic acid is prescribed to children with rhinitis, and in doing this can only be an otolaryngologist. Indications are for a long treatment of influenza, bronchitis, runny nose, bleeding from the nose. The tool has a calming, decongestant effect, reduces secretions, allergic reaction. For use in the nebulizer must be 2 g of a 5% solution. Carry out the procedure should be 2 times per day, duration of treatment process is 4 days.

Aminocaproic acid inside

Another form of medication – powder for oral administration. The dosage is calculated as follows: 0.1 g of product is multiplied by 1 kg of patient’s weight. Powder aminocaproic acid is applied inside after eating, it should be dissolved in sweet water or to drink it. The reception is divided into 3-5 times per day. For use in children the dose is calculated at a rate of 0.05 g per 1 kg of body weight. To facilitate admission for children, you can mix the powder with juice or juice.

Aminocaproic acid during menses

Due to the hemostatic properties, the drug prescribed for women with abundant secretions during menstruation. The use of aminocaproic acid during menses helps to reduce the number of allocations that can be easily transferred. For these purposes, the gynecologist assigned to the powder, its reception lasts from the first to the last day of menstruation, at 4 tea bags per day. The drug has to be taken with water. Also, ACC is used in gynecological operations in cases of heavy bleeding.

Aminocaproic acid contraindications

Any drug, even widespread use has limitations for use. Contraindications aminocaproic acid are:

  • intolerance to the drug;
  • increased susceptibility to the occurrence of thrombosis;
  • violation excretory functions of the kidneys;
  • hematuria;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • liver failure;
  • the age of the child up to 1 year.

The price of aminocaproic acid

Besides the fact that this is a universal product and can be used for the treatment of many diseases, it is also inexpensive. The price of aminocaproic acid in Moscow the average is 60 rubles. The price of a solution, powder and tablets according to the catalogue of medicines, are virtually identical. You can buy in the online store or order at the pharmacy.


37.63 RUB.

«Pharmacy 24/7»

67 RUB


61.12 RUB.

The «trick»

42.05 RUB.

«The healer»

55. 63 RUB.

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Aminocaproic acid – reviews

Larisa, reviews

This drug I use often for the treatment of rhinitis and swelling of the nose. Aminocapronici for inhalation helps with abundant secretions during influenza. A big plus is that it does not dry the nasal mucosa. Instill 2 drops 4 times a day. Noticed a strengthening effect on blood vessels. Effective budget tool suitable for children.

Oleg, 25 years old:

Regularly use 5 percent solution for backfilling with SARS, before the first signs of flu, prevention. Inexpensive, long enough, broad spectrum, helps me with a strong nasal discharge. If you dig several times a day and to do the washing, the nasal congestion is faster, not dries the mucous.

Olga, 28 years

Could not cure the flu son, LOR wrote to bury your nose every 3 hours 5% emulsion. The course of treatment lasted for 4 days. Still recommended inhalations possible, to strengthened the blood vessels. After a week, the runny nose is completely gone, the son began to breathe freely. For children is absolutely safe important to observe the dosage.

Eugene, 26 years:

Treated the baby a lingering flu, helped complex drops with aminocaproic acid, found for reviews. Buried in the instructions – after 5 days, the runny nose started to run, highlight quickly disappeared. Used for excessive menstruation, discharge became less, but regular use is not recommended. Budget the cost of, long enough.

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