Nystatin ointment — application instruction for children, adults and pregnant reviews

Fungal diseases faced by many people. This capricious disease is not just treatable. Certain types of fungus require the use of highly selective drugs. Thus, for yeast-like fungi family Candida harmful ingredient is the drug Nystatin.

Nystatin ointment – instructions

Nystatin – a polyene antibiotic group with antifungal activity. Reacts with fungi, has a destructive impact on their membrane. Used to treat candidiasis of skin and mucous membranes, and as a prophylactic of the disease. Ointments yellow is not absorbed mucous membranes, skin and systemic blood flow. Rectal and intrawaginalnom the treatment receiving the recommended twice a day. The official manual of Nystatin required to study.

Manual Nistatinovaya ointment:

  1. Every tube sold in a cardboard box, and inside there should be an abstract from the manufacturer. The drug is taken by prescription.
  2. To enhance the pharmacologic effect, in parallel with using the ointment make an appointment nistatina drugs inside.
  3. Tablets or powder take 4 times a day. The total number of UNITS (units of operation): adults – from 500 thousand to a million, and the dose for a child – no more than 100 thousand

General information:

  • Composition: nystatin (15 g ointment – 1.5 million UNITS), anhydrous lanolin, white soft paraffin.
  • Indications for use: to use the drug need for the treatment and prevention of candidiasis of mucous and skin.
  • Form release: in aluminium tubes (at least – in glass jars) for 10, 15 or 30 g (per gram of ointment Nystatin – 100 thousand UNITS).
  • Method of use: apply to affected area ointment applied in a thin layer, the duration of treatment is 7-10 days.
  • Shelf life: not more than three years, store in the refrigerator to limit access to children.

Nystatin ointment – application

Fungal activity can be caused by taking antibiotics (especially broad spectrum), injuries (skin and mucous), a lack of hygiene. At risk: patients with bacterial blight, diabetes, metabolic disorders, chronic infections, etc. the effect of the drug has a high activity to pathogenic fungi. The medicinal substance has a structure of double bond with high affinity to stealaway membrane structure of the fungus. The molecule of the drug is embedded the cell, destroying the fungus. Application Nistatinovaya ointment quickly solves the problem.

Nystatin ointment for thrush

Assigned Nystatin from the thrush is one of the most popular drugs. The disease is fungal and disbacteriosis affects the mucous membrane of the mouth, genitals. Nystatin ointment for thrush is prescribed by a doctor at the first signs: intense itching, discharge (curd), redness of the infected areas. Details:

  1. Ointment Nystatin for thrush applied topically on the affected area twice a day.
  2. The use of Nystatin recommended period of not less than 10 days.
  3. For the treatment of thrush alcohol is eliminated entirely.
  4. Treatment of thrush Nystatin women have necessarily carried out the courses.

Women are more susceptible to this disease. Thrush often occurs during pregnancy when the hormonal changes, frequent disbacteriosis. Gynecology in the treatment of fungal diseases using Nystatin in the form of ointments, tablets, vaginally and light candles. A man can get yeast infection, and couples are recommended to undergo treatment at the same time. If, after completing the course the thrush is not gone, you need to contact the physician for additional research and definition of the disease.

Nystatin ointment for children

A newborn baby is at risk of the disease candidiasis. Infection can occur in utero and postnatal. Children’s candidiasis in infants is manifested in the form of diaper rash the groin, underarm areas, or looks like a rash on the smooth skin areas (forehead, back). For children six months old the most common type of yeast infection – a yeast infection of the mouth. Is evident from the inside of the cheeks, gums and lips in the form of spots that look like cottage cheese.

Nystatin ointment for children only applied topically, after a consultation with the pediatrician. For treatment of newborns and infants children it is better to use drops or tablets, diluted with vitamin B12. Start treatment immediately after detecting symptoms, to help the child’s body must quickly, otherwise the infection will go down to the stomach of the baby. It is impossible to apply the ointment to treat the baby’s mouth!

Nystatin ointment for stomatitis

The action of the drug nystatin in the treatment of damaged tissues of the mouth is caused by its antibacterial action. Nystatin ointment for stomatitis helps, as it covers the affected areas with a protective film, lokalisera the infection and prevent complications. An antifungal drug is assigned a doctor, applies only adult patients.

Nystatin contraindications

The official manufacturer in the instruction indicates the following contraindications Nystatin for women: pregnancy (especially first trimester), breast-feeding. For all patients, the list is as follows: an allergic reaction to the drug, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, liver disease (chronic severe). Antifungal ointment has side effects (allergic reaction) and poor compatibility with certain other drugs (e.g., clotrimazole).

Nystatin ointment analogs

Full analogues Nistatinovaya ointment (for the structure) is not available. There are medications with similar mechanism of action, which can be replaced, if necessary, cream Nystatin. Full replacement is:

  • Funstation, the most effective substitute;
  • Pimafucin, can replace the Nystatin during pregnancy;
  • Metrogyl;
  • Riboxin, the dosage given in the instructions.

Price on Nystatin ointment

The product is sold in the pharmacy with a prescription. You can order and buy in the online store directory offers a cure in any form or dose. The cost to pharmacies of Moscow does not differ very substantially. Price Nystatin ointment, table of comparative analysis of prices:

The cost Price in rubles
tube of 15 g tube 30 g
Minimum 30.00 68.00
Average 72.00 82.00
In online stores 42.00 65.00

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Natalia, 24 years

I read reviews that during the lactation period, lactation, pregnant vs Nystatin for thrush can be taken only after research and the appointment of the gynecologist. My doctor no problem prescribed medication bought at a good price. The doctor agreed that the food should include bifidobacteria. Helped quickly and without consequences. I’m happy with.

Tatyana is 36 years old

Periodically for preservation of health and prevention I use this ointment. Take a bit (the size of a fingernail), the only drawback is oily and dirty. Perfectly soothes the mucous, once long suffered from a yeast infection, do not exactly want. Moreover, Nystatin very inexpensive, available. My gynecologist also advised.

Marina, 25 years

Read the reviews about the beautiful action of this ointment. Than just vaginal yeast infection is not treated, newfangled and publicized means I helped a little, I decided to try this drug. Soon a stomach ache, turns out I have an ulcer, but the thrush went away very quickly. Know how to escape from this unpleasant affliction in the future!

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