The reproductive health of men, women and adolescents — the influence factors and prevention

To avoid abortion, it is necessary to explain to the younger generation, what is meant by the term sex life, how to fight it. Such education helps to avoid rash actions by young people, to keep sexual matters from pathologies to exclude fatal events for the future.

What is the fertility

The Ministry of health to reduce the number of abortions, the risk of early, unwanted pregnancy, introduced certain norms that apply to the masses is not the first decade. Fertility is ability to reproduce, continue the human race. To maintain the health of the reproductive system, everyone should be aware of existing methods of contraception, is a responsible approach to the issue of family planning, procreation.

Reproductive human health

The biggest threat to humans diagnosed with infertility. The disease develops equally in men and women the body, prevents the continuation of the species. Most often an acquired condition, is considered to be due to previous abortions, abnormalities and immoral sexual life. Reproductive health of every man perceives in his own way, but according to who standards, it’s mental, physiological and social readiness of the individual to live a sexual life with the purpose of procreation.

Female reproductive health

The education of girls affects their worldview as adults. If the parents from early childhood to inculcate modesty, integrity and the selective attitude towards members of the opposite sex, a woman’s reproductive health does not cause fears. If children are not aware that an unplanned pregnancy is not the only difficulty in their way. It is not excluded infection and STDs diagnosed in today’s youth. Statistics show that the consequences can be very tragic for the woman and her family.

Male reproductive health

Male factor infertility is less common in modern medicine. If pregnancy women did not come within six months after the rejection of all methods of contraception, is a serious health problem. Male reproductive health is driven by two factors – spermatogenesis and potency. The cause of the pathological process be stress, chronic fatigue, lack of vitamins in the body, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, and internal diseases.

Adolescent reproductive health

In adolescence it is important to provide adolescent reproductive health to protect them from rash acts in the future. This important period starts with the arrival of menstruation in girls and nocturnal emissions in boys, but it is not only changes the reproductive system of the younger generation. Because teenagers do not adhere to body hygiene, early marriages, chosen for life, drug addiction, Smoking, alcohol, reproductive function is reduced. The problem is modern society has a global dimension.

Reproductive health of the population

Because of the lack of environmental reproductive health of the population significantly suffers. This global problem is solved on the state level to protect today’s youth. Developed a number of social programs whose primary purpose is to explain to the population and all social classes, what is health at reproductive level. In addition, to tell about prophylactic measures aimed at ensuring the perfect condition of the sexual sphere of man. This process guarantees the physical and moral welfare among the population.

Factors affecting reproductive health

Such a thing occurs when pregnant women, which is still in the gestation should ensure its healthy levels of reproduction. To do this, in modern gynecology has a definition as planning pregnancy. You want to explore the parents-to – woman and man, to rule out congenital diseases, genetic disease. If the disease is detected, it is required promptly to cure, prevent complications for fetal development. Factors affecting reproductive health, separately studied by modern medicine.

Factors that Deplete reproductive health

The first sign that women are not all right – disrupted menstrual cycle. As a consequence, the lack of a stable ovulation and the inability to successfully conceive a child. Sexual activity is reduced, and the problem needs to be solved in the gynecological level. Other factors that Deplete reproductive health can be divided into several categories is:

  1. External causes: stress and chronic fatigue, bad habits and harmful production, improper diet and sedentary lifestyle, medications and psychosexual factors.
  2. Internal causes: infection, iodine deficiency and dysfunction of the endocrine system, hormonal failure and androgenodefitsit, exhaustion and immune imbalance of androgen deficiency and a testosterone deficiency, folic acid deficiency.

Prevention of reproductive health disorders

To avoid a highly undesirable deterioration in sexual function at any age of the patient, is required with special responsibility to approach the public preventive measures. You want to know about them from the beginning of puberty, at the same time keep the rest of your life, to bring to the consciousness of their own offspring. Thus, the efficient and reliable prevention of reproductive health focuses on such social and psychological complexes for each person:

  • development of measures for efficient treatment of the sexual sphere from viral infectious diseases;
  • the treatment of psychological diseases, disorders of sexual function;
  • planning of pregnancy is the beginning of the first sexual relations;
  • prevention of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • development of measures against infant and maternal mortality;
  • treatment of androgen insufficiency, hormonal imbalance;
  • lectures and seminars on the topic of early sexual activity;
  • sensitization of the population rights concerning assistance to young families;
  • conducting lectures on early pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, their symptoms.

Reproductive health

To exclude androgen deficiency and other problems of the sexual sphere, it is necessary to keep the reproductive system and not only. The first thing you want to avoid a large number of sexual partners, to exclude from their daily lives unprotected sex with strangers, in a timely manner to treat diseases of the reproductive system, to eliminate the risk of unplanned pregnancy. Other activities on the health of reproductive age who are equally affect women and men, the following:

  • preservation of reproductive health of both sexual partners with the help of vitamin;
  • folic acid intake during gestation of the fetus;
  • the maintenance of a favourable ecological factors for planning, nursing of pregnancy;
  • prevention of abortion at an early age;
  • the study of the social issues of family planning.

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