Brondirovanie hair — dyeing techniques at home and salon with before and after photos

In pursuit of the desire to look young and attractive, the beautiful half of humanity from ancient times had invented methods of hair coloring. For these purposes we have tested all the artificial and natural dyes, but not all of them gave the desired result. Now popular technique brondirovaniya.

What is Ombre hair

Staining BROND today is the most fashionable technique which made the compromise between brunettes and blondes. The term «BROND» is a combination of two words, which means the truce difficult choice for those who like to experiment with looks. Ombre is a beautiful combination of light and dark shades with basic brown or blonde hair color. The result is fashionable and properly made procedure suggests a natural look. The strands shimmer in the sun, and the hair looks bigger visually.

The technique brondirovaniya hair

Especially the performance differ from the Ombre or French highlighting the fact that when brandi don’t need to bleach the strands. Technology brondirovaniya hair involves a multi hair coloring in several different shades, which differ from the basic three colors and not more. As a result, the stretch marks color stain all the locks without affecting the roots. To enhance the effect of burnt in the sun curls, apply more enhanced bleaching of the crown. With proper painting is difficult to grasp the division and the contrast of dark and light shades.

Ombre on dark hair

BROND technique is particularly advantageous to look on the dark color hair. Unpainted strands glisten rarely, but when applying such a painting, creates the effect of sun glare. For girls is a charming, delicate look. Brondirovanie dark hair is done on long and short strands. For classical staining are chosen several shades that are very close to each other in tone. They are applied randomly, resulting in making the strands uniform in color. There are other varieties of the reservation, which they look awesome in black and brown strands:

  • zonal California;
  • hair framing face;
  • the Ombre effect.

Ombre on brown hair

The new technique is able to emphasize the style, natural beauty and personality of women. Ombre blonde hair eliminates the problem of gray roots, gives the visual density of the strands, adds Shine, shimmer. In the salon the procedure has such a plan:

  • the basic tone is applied from the back, not affecting ends;
  • parted in the middle, one strand is of triangular shape;
  • the ends are processed even brighter shade;
  • after the paint wash, head wash, doing styling.

Ombre on blonde hair

Long blond strands BROND also looks gorgeous, but girls with bobbed hair super short length, it is better to abandon it. Ombre bright hair is different from ash blonde or a dark variant, so the result is different. Plus the bright coloring is that they do not want to discolor near the roots. Departing 3 cm from the basal zone, are highlights. A few days later on streaked locks brush applied the lighter paint (technique «lacing»). The benefit of staining is heterogeneous, highlights blonde color.

Ombre on red hair

Is necessary to carefully approach the choice of tint palette red-haired girls. Often they naturally have fair skin, so the most acceptable for painting will be honey, beige, light brown and hazelnut shades. Ombre red hair with a short haircut will not look, so before you decide on the procedure, the strands better to grow to 10-12 cm, but the bangs can be left any length. The most striking and expressive is the combination of red brondirovaniya and trendy haircut cascade.

How to do Ombre at home

The main goal of the procedure is to achieve a smooth transition similar to the tone of the shades. If you are a professional, independently to achieve difficult, but possible. First, determine your color type. Help online, where on the photo it can be done free online. Once you have decided on the color, you can begin to paint. At home it is better not to change the main color, and paint the individual strands. For that they should be divided into 6 parts according to the growth areas: the parietal, the Central, two occipital, two side. So, Ombre hair at home step by step:

  1. Strands each zone twist in the flagellum, and secure with a barrette. Prepare the dye in separate bowls.
  2. When applying the paint do not affect the roots. At the back, select a thin strand, backcomb, and then in the middle of apply one shade on all the other (lighter). Paint is applied with light strokes, but not on all strands.
  3. Each strand of hair, wrap it in foil. After the nape of the neck go to the temples. Leave the top unpainted.
  4. The whole procedure should not be more than 40 minutes, otherwise the staining will not be uniform. Observe the paint 30-50 minutes, then rinse, apply conditioner, blow dry in the usual way. After a few days the result can be corrected as desired.

Price for Ombre hair

Since natural dyeing is back in fashion, and the prices cannot be low. The cost of the procedure depends on the professionalism of the master, the pricing of the salon, quality of the selected colors. The average price of a reservation in the Moscow region:

Dyeing techniques

Price in rubles

Zonal California

from 5000





Live: Ombre on medium hair


Elena, 18 years old

After seeing photos of Jennifer aniston, I decided to make myself a painting. Signed up to the master to the procedure of BROND and made 400 rubles. the Result disappointed me: the result is not similar to the photo of the star. I just lighten my strands – some more intensely, some less, that’s all. Conclusion: it is necessary to look for such a procedure a professional, and not to go to someone horrible.

Anastasia, 24 years

In the past year have done brondirovanie and was very pleased with the result. The advantages can include: easy care hair style, beautiful color, long-lasting effect of natural highlights. The downside of the procedure one high cost. Chose the base color – dark walnut (my eyes are brown) and two extra of honey and caramel. The result is gorgeous!

Karina, 27 years

I have a reverse option bronda, dark on light strands. Looks unusual and stylish. Update your hairstyle once a year in one and the same master. The hair quality is not deteriorating from a painting. My strands even women compliments because they look amazing. To change the color and technique is not going to in the near future.

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