Architecture, eyebrow modeling, correction and coloring at home or salons with prices

In creating the image of the eyebrows play a key role. The look takes on a different expression: the beautifully curved arc will indicate playfulness, droopy – crying person, on the severity of the character will tell bushy eyebrows. Properly selected shape or makeup will make the face expressive.

What is the architecture of the eyebrows

Brow art is not just a cosmetic procedure, but a real art. Master, focusing on his own experience and innate aesthetic taste and knowledge acquired during the course, achieves complete naturalness. The architecture of the eyebrows – is the selection of forms based on the type face, colour and other features of appearance. The first adjustment to make in the Studio, in the form of further support at home.

Architectural eyebrow shaping includes the steps of:

  • find the ideal curve, corresponding to the appearance;
  • removing unwanted hairs (with tweezers, thread or wax);
  • staining after selecting the color;
  • tattoo at will.
  • daily care and makeup.

Inexpressive shape changes the correction of eyebrows. The makeup artist will do it with all the nuances, focusing on the facial type and hair color. Beauty salons offer women several techniques of staining. Apply usual chemical dyes, henna or permanent make-up otherwise. A single fashion does not exist, she does something that highlights its beauty.

The architecture of the eyebrows with henna

Natural dye is safe, provides long-lasting effect which lasts up to 6 weeks. Eyebrow correction and coloring with henna begins with the careful selection of the shape and right shade. To correct the result in case of error problematic. Cosmetic henna color in black, brown and gray tones. Treatment of eyebrow provides painting not only hairs, but also the space between them.

Modeling eyebrows henna takes into account the color type:

  • blondes gray and light brown tones on a couple of shades darker than the natural brow;
  • searing brunette the masters give advice not to abandon the natural tones, or at least to lighten 1-2;
  • blonde shades for girls with platinum hair;
  • brown will go to the edge with copper shimmer or mahogany.

Permanent coloring of eyebrows at home should not be pursued. Brow salon is trained at school and attends workshops. The work it performs in accordance with the rules and the diagram, being careful not to distort the proportions of the face. Before you begin applying the henna, eyebrow processed scrub and degreasing, to paint a good lie down. The powder is diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream, applied to the skin and hair in a thick layer. The finished tattoo looks natural and leads to the creation of a harmonious image.

The architecture of the eyebrow thread

Self-leveling at home eyebrow shape method «trading» difficult. From the wizard it requires the utmost concentration. Architecture thread eyebrow painless, and the result will be soft and smooth skin. For this purpose, is applied or cosmetic cotton thread, twisted in a special way. The method allows to simultaneously pluck some hair.

Proper technique takes into account the type of the face while removing excess hair:

  • Eyebrows for round shape upward, opening the view, with a pronounced kink.
  • High, ascending, smooth instep appropriate for square type.
  • To the triangular face is suitable the neat curved lines with a soft break.
  • On the face of the rectangular shape of the eyebrows should not have a fracture.
  • Diamond-shaped type, suitable for high and elevated form.
  • Holders of an oval face can be any line that does not lead to an imbalance of traits.

Artistic eyebrow shaping cosmetic thread is often accompanied by pre-shearing is not particularly obedient beams. The price of the service because of the simplicity of its execution for skilled craftsmen is not high. Using it regularly, you can achieve lasting results – the hair is gradually thinning, thinning, slowing their growth. If the treated area is moles, then use another method.

The architecture of the eyebrows – before and after

Artistically designed line can completely change your appearance. The contours become sharper, and the look becomes expressive. Men’s eyebrow shaping is conservative, its task is to make the face brutal. Brow only slightly corrected natural shape, form the correct direction of growth. This teach them on the lessons of the Brou-art.

The price of the architecture of the eyebrows

Correction tweezers 400r. 1590р. 350R. The 300r.
Making a thread 650R. 750r. 350R. 400r.
Painting with henna 400r. 750r. 800R. The 500r.
Makeup 250R. 350R. 400r. 220R.

Video: the architecture of eyebrows at home


Irina, 28 years

Love well-groomed eyebrows, but to cope with them is impossible. Nature is faked, and was awarded the rare and pale. A friend advised me to use such a service as eyebrow plucking. The price seemed reasonable to me, and I signed up to the master. The result pleased me, my face changed, the features become expressive.

Karina, 32 years

Found a very useful procedure eyebrow shaping. The girl plucked all the hairs, pre-treating anesthetic cream. I have a high forehead, which I like very much. We decided to do painting with henna to further his stress. My face I like much more.

Ala, 33

Twice did the artistic eyebrow shaping, satisfied. To do so itself does not work. I dyed them with henna cosmetic. The result lasted more than a month, than was surprised and pleased. Correction made thread – it’s completely harmless. Decided that as soon as the hair will grow back, it will go to the beloved master.

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