Californian highlights on dark and light hair — how to make at home photo

Beautiful hair is every woman’s dream. In winter especially want to look perfect in Hollywood, in curls like he was playing solar flare. This can help California coloring, which gives the image of femininity and mystique.

What is Californian highlights

California highlights is a way of toning that is suitable for women with any hair. Painting technology provides smooth color transitions. It was invented in California, where the curls in the sun fade unevenly, what is the highlight. This coloring popular among those who do not want to radically change the color, but wants to give their image of lightness and coquetry.

This type of staining involves sparing approach. It doesn’t need foil or thermal paper. Use the paste with beeswax, which feeds the strands along the entire length. The result looks natural, as there is no sharp color contrast from roots to ends. Due to the smooth transitions between shades, you can achieve the effect of sun-bleached curls.

Staining is best done in the salon. Only a professional will be able to pick up all the shades for the highlighting. Stretching hair color possible at home. Before toning you need to see video instructions, photos and tips from those who have already conducted such a procedure. Staining can be done on short and long locks, it will look great both on curly and straight tresses. If the tint haircuts are type of Bob or Bob, they look more feminine.

Californian highlights on dark hair

Brunettes and brown also want to look beautiful, but full of the discoloration is harmful to the strands, you can do this heathered version. Californian highlights on dark hair looks very advantageous due to the smooth transitions between colors. The Barber picks up 4 to 6 shades, allowing you to achieve a beautiful drawing and colors.

Fashionable gentle colouring will suit those who have brown eyes. After the procedure, the hair become visually more voluminous, thick and shiny. Such hair coloring does not require further adjustments, since the root hair color is not changing. California hair coloring involves different shades: gold; ash blonde; dark honey; light brown; warm red tones. Girls with dark hair such smooth stretch warm colors are very suitable.

Californian highlights on brown hair

Blonde curls, too, can refresh, add Shine and volume with color. Streamer colors for brown hair creates a smooth transition between notes, helping to achieve the effect of sun-bleached strands. In addition, California does not spoil the Ombre hair to cover gray. In order to achieve beautiful curls, you can use the following color map:

  • platinum;
  • ash;
  • light brown;
  • wheat.

This is the most appropriate shades, but when painting you should take into account the color type. So cold the ash is very nicely set off strands, but do not suit girls with fair skin. You can use honey and Golden color, which will make the image more vivid. Due to the fact that the roots remain intact, to adjust the image every few months, even if you regularly trim the tips in a hair salon.

Californian highlights on blonde hair

Light shades are the most advantageous and suitable for such staining. Californian highlights on light hair is very simple, you can use the two warm or cool undertones. The most beautiful transitions are obtained thanks to the combination of warm tones:

  • caramel;
  • beige;
  • honey;
  • sand;

Staining with the color stretching spares the structure of the strands, making them shiny and well-groomed, does not require correction of the roots. The procedure is harmless natural pasta with environmental components. Experimenting with pulling the shades from blondes helps to achieve an interesting transition of colors and beautiful appearance of your curls.

Californian highlights on red hair

Red hair has always been considered magical. The owners of red and gold hues, this painting will fit perfectly. This will complete your look and refresh your hair. Californian highlights on red hair looks very sweet and attractive. The most effective tone paste gold, platinum, pastel pink, honey, wheat, warm blonde.

The emphasis on bright colors when painting emphasizes the depth of this unique color. To lighten strands in this case, it is not necessary. Hollywood highlights red curls make the look more individual, unique and memorable. Pulling and stretching the colors to best succeed in the salon, but you can paint yourself.

Californian highlights at home

If there is no time or financial capacity, can hold Californian highlights at home. You must see the pictures online by selecting option as an example.

  1. Protect clothing with a towel, smear the face and neck fat cream line growth.
  2. Divide strands into several parts.
  3. Staining is best done on thin strands of hair, so the paint cover better.
  4. Apply the mixture you need top-down unevenly.
  5. To withstand the paint, the amount of time specified in the instructions.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with the mixture to wash your hair with shampoo.

If you wish, you can use foil, but it is very dry hair, so it is better to abandon it. You can wrap strands of tissue paper. Due to the fact that the coloring of the mixture interact with the air, Ombre will still work. At home you can use the step-by-step lessons with photos to learn how to stretch color on the hair.

The price of Californian highlights

Depending on the professionalism of the master and the location of the salon price for this type of dyeing ranges from 1500 to 7000 rubles. On average, the procedure will cost 4-5 thousand. The price depends on the original color (for dark hair requires more pigment composition than light), the length of the hair.

Video: Californian highlights – technique


Maria, 20 years

I have naturally curls pale mouse color, look dull and lifeless. Very long wanted to change something. Long could not decide on such coloring, the price is a little «bite», but did not regret it! Hair look thick and voluminous, shimmer in the sun (and indoors too). I even became more confident!

Olga, 44 years

Did myself, the hair of medium length. Had to Tinker, to do everything carefully and patiently. But I now have amazing hair, can’t at myself in the mirror to see a lot. All friends admire, colleagues showered with compliments. Daughter also wanted, decided to do it, because it’s completely harmless. Will two beauties!

Svetlana, 50 years

I’m 50, begins to appear gray. Wary of ammonia means it’s great painting, which not would have ruined the structure of the hair. Found out that the composition of the pastes, which are used to Californian painting, there is beeswax. Decided, went to the master, came out of the salon completely different!

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