Facial massage at home — how to make wrinkles, anti-aging, lymphatic drainage and Japanese

Women pay special attention to the face, his fresh healthy mind. Worrying about the appearance of wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, senescence and aging, ladies are turning to cosmetic salons. Not always treatments available. There is a rejuvenating facial massage at home.

How to do facial massage

Getting to self-performing this procedure, it is important to understand how to do proper massage of the face, considering his features to achieve the desired result, without causing skin damage. The first stage is the cleansing and moisturizing of the skin usual cosmetics. Optionally, the skin to steam, applying a hot towel. Then 10 min. it is necessary to apply special serum or cream regenerating, toning or moisturizing action, or olive oil.

After the cream has been absorbed, the procedure starts with light massage movements upward on certain lines. Specific massage techniques of the face depends on the techniques which there are many. To begin treatment follows within three hours of bedtime. Good effect gives massage in the morning, quickly saving the skin from swelling. The procedure is done in a quiet environment, in front of the mirror with positive mood, to 15 minutes. This self-massage:

  • tightens chin;
  • puffiness by stimulating the slimming of the face;
  • restores healthy skin tone;
  • improves blood circulation, saturating the epidermis with oxygen;
  • strengthens facial muscles;
  • corrects oval;
  • necessary to normalize the work of sebaceous glands;
  • reduces existing wrinkles, and help delay the formation of new;
  • improves overall health.

Facial massage from wrinkles

There are various effective massage techniques: Chinese, Japanese, contour, classic. Their main rule is a clear movement along the lines corresponding to the lymph flow. Otherwise the opposite effect of sagging, stretching of the skin. Face massage against wrinkles should be soft and gentle, especially around the eyes. To move from one area to another, you need pressing the fingers on the temple. For visible result desired regularity. To do the massage procedure should be:

  • daily;
  • 7-10 times (days) in a row;
  • with the resumption of the course in a week.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

This anti-aging vibrating massage cosmetologists recommended in the readings of limpezeste (swelling, ptosis), dryness, second chin, swollen facial contour, deep nasolabial folds. Order:

  1. Lymphatic drainage facial massage starts with a movement from the center, then massaged the muscles of the eye in a circle, cheeks in three directions from the center to the periphery.
  2. Taps worked the nasolabial folds, then the chin.
  3. All manipulations are repeated 5-6 times.
  4. When done correctly, will take you only 5 minutes, and the effect of lifting braces will be pleasantly surprised.

Lifting face massage

This procedure helps to reduce age-related changes, restore skin elasticity and smoothness. Lifting facial massage at home is alternating smoothing, tapping, pressing, Pomerania scheme: chin – whiskey, the center of the forehead – the middle temporal lobe, the tip of the nose to the temporal lobe. Obtaining the maximum result, it promotes the application of essential oils. Procedure is necessary after 30 years. How often can I do facial massage? Give it 10 minutes 3 times a week. It is worth to spend 10-12 sessions, and rave reviews are guaranteed.

Sculptural facial massage at home

With the aim of achieving rejuvenation this procedure, sculptural facial massage, spend the most difficult. This requires some anatomical knowledge and strict adherence to technique and rules of performance. During the procedure, you should not use cosmetics that lead to the sliding of the fingers over the skin, it is better to apply products containing cosmetic wax. Effect beginning with the back of your neck. Technology provides a point effect on the attachment of the facial muscles, the location of which you want to know for sure.

Vacuum facial massage at home

During this massage method at home and in professional salons, used glass, rubber or silicone banks. By removing air from the jar, negative pressure and the static or dynamic effect on the skin. Vacuum facial massage is recommended at 30 years of age, with the characteristic appearance of wrinkles and decrease skin elasticity.

You must know how to do a facial massage by yourself: different areas need jars of different diameters, the area of the thyroid gland should be avoided. Before beginning on the skin should apply oil, massage or beauty cream. In order to avoid bruises to massage better steamed skin during a visit to the baths, bath. Vacuum massage acts on blood vessels, helping to restore the capillary network, which stimulates blood circulation, circulation of fluids in the blood, normalizes metabolism, restores collagen fibers of the skin and thus rejuvenates.

Face massage by using massager

The use of special massage machines – part need a full-fledged courtship of skin tone. Face massage massager comfortable in independent practice, can rejuvenate the skin at home. A large selection of accessories allows you to conduct conventional and more deep warming up of fabrics. Massagers promote the excretion of toxins, the skin becomes lighter. Details:

  1. For each area it is necessary to use your device-attachment.
  2. Used rollers made of metal, plastic, wood, stone, muscle stimulation, laser, oxygen, vacuum devices.
  3. To obtain greater efficiency and fill the skin with nutrients, good to use during the procedure natural oils.

Facial massage – contraindications

There are contraindications of massage. This:

  • acute infectious skin diseases (herpes, abscesses, eczema);
  • ENT disease;
  • malignant tumors;
  • high blood pressure;
  • impaired blood clotting;
  • the fragility of blood vessels;
  • open wounds;
  • fungal disease;
  • inflammation of the facial nerve.

Massage for face at home

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