Lent in 2017, according to the Orthodox calendar — the start date menu and date of Easter

The period before Orthodox Easter – one of the most difficult in life. This is known to every believer. According to the Bible and religious law, this is the time of abstinence plays a major role in Orthodoxy. This is a real preparation of the soul and cleansing to the day of Christ’s Resurrection.

When lent begins in 2017

In this difficult period of abstinence, people have to give up a lot, for example, from products of animal origin (to include oil, milk, etc.), entertainment, to monitor their own words and to choose the place, what is possible and what is impossible to visit. Also at this time, can’t get married. This period is the most restrictive of all of the Bible, existing in the modern world.

When does Orthodox lent? The beginning of lent in 2017 for calendar – February 27, Monday, lasts until April 15, this is a Saturday, followed by the Passover meal. It’s time to prove yourself and learn your strengths is to begin fasting the first day of the working week. Generally, the date is always changing, it all depends on what date is Easter. Church holiday should be celebrated on Sunday.

How long is lent

When the end of the post for the calendar? How long is lent? The Orthodox Church observe the law for 48 days. This period connects the two posts. First lent – it lasts 40 days (by Friday of the 6th week), is the memory of forty-day torment of Jesus Christ until his resurrection, to Easter. The second lasts 8 days, including the Saturday of Lazarus, palm Sunday and 6 days of Holy week (Holy week), which includes the Holy Friday (good Friday). After 48 days from beginning to end post needs service.

Great post 2017 – food

Not to be confused food in lent with vegetarian preferences. A Christian does not have to eat only carrots and grated beets. There are a lot of foods that can be consumed. The difference of food during the Great lent from the usual food that in the first case is a diet low in calories, but not to lose weight, but to cleanse the soul and body. It is strictly forbidden to eat for 48 days, all dairy products, eggs and meat. The menu consists of delicious and hearty foods. You can eat:

  • vegetables;
  • cereals;
  • fish;
  • mushrooms;
  • nesdobnoe pies;
  • legumes.

How to fast

In General, best to start with understanding that you give up a certain food. You should soberly assess their strength, after all, not everyone is able to act strictly according to the rules of the Bible. If you decide withstand you can, remember that the first 2 days nothing to eat impossible. This is a complete cleansing of the body from the food consumed to 27 the number on the calendar. You need to come to a Church service, it’s important.

How to fast? Once a week the man who abstains must visit the temple to know when the sacrament of Holy unction, at which attendance is mandatory. All this is due to the fact that after the Holy unction in the Church is the communion ceremony, attended by all who observe the laws of the Holy festival. Includes daily prayers, the rejection of certain foods, abstinence from celebrations and Hiking in the lush establishments, it is impossible to organize the wedding. Lent in 2017 – a time when we should do good deeds to help people.

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