Hot flashes in women — causes sensations in addition to menopause and temperature

Some women worried about the unpleasant feeling, when at one point it gets hot throughout the body, increased sweating, there is internal discomfort and a cosmetic defect. Women’s tides have a number of reasons, but should not be left without proper attention. The participation of a specialist is encouraged.

What is the hot flushes in women

A sense of inner discomfort that suddenly spreads all over the face in a medical practice is called the tides. This symptom is peculiar to the fairer sex on the eve of the menopause. Periodic bouts of heat and sweating in women are unexpected, sudden, while supplemented palpitations, impaired breathing, weakness, dizziness and unbearable headaches. The emergence of such symptoms it becomes a prerequisite for an early start of menopause, which can last more than one year.

Why there are tides in women

The patient themselves can’t understand why there are such strong tides. But the local gynecologist is able to convey to her the essence of the process, which started in her body after 45 years. For example, if the climax is dominated by easy stages, the number of attacks – no more than 10, the average degree of pathology typical 20 episodes, heavy – more than 20.

If it becomes very hot, a woman should know the cause of such changes in General health. Often precedes such a pathological process hormonal changes, when there is a decrease in levels of sex hormones to a critical limit. Estrogens affect the thermoregulation center of the brain, and the signal errors causes the body to dump excess heat. This unexpected process is complemented by redness of the face, increased sweating, enlargement of small blood vessels.

Hot flashes at menopause

If the internal «heat» of the female body at the age of 45-50 years, doctors are not eliminate menopausal hot flashes. The body begins to «burn» due to the restructuring of hormonal background, and the woman once reproductive age is in the period of menopause. She’s hot inside, occasionally throwing in the cold, and it happens at the most unexpected moment.

The condition is extremely unpleasant, but it is difficult to avoid without additional drug therapy at the insistence of the attending physician. To the menopause did not affect the quality of life, the patient is supposed to take synthetic hormones which normalize the sweating will regulate the flow of blood through the vessels, relieve other unpleasant symptoms of the approaching menopause.

Causes of hot flushes in women in addition to menopause

Not always strong heat inside becomes the beginning of a long period of menopause, there is a bad sign and other abnormal conditions of the female body. For example, it may be a result of eating hot food, certain medications or dry hot weather, but doctors do not rule out other more dangerous causes of hot flushes in women in addition to menopause. Pathogenic factors are as follows:

  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • infectious diseases;
  • alcoholism;
  • overweight, obesity.

Hot flashes before my period

In such a difficult time for women can occur the internal sensation of heat in the body at normal temperature. This symptom is temporary and it will end on day 2-3 of menstruation. So what you need to survive a few days without any additional medication to make month more not bothered tides before menstruation. This is a consequence of short-term hormonal changes, complemented by back pain and lower back pain, nausea and reddening of the skin. If the cause of hot flushes in women lies in the menstrual cycle, there is no reason to panic.

Hot flashes in neurosis

If starts throwing in the heat, it is possible that this is a consequence of emotional stress. Skin is red and my throat is dry, there is a weakness and not only. The appearance of typical attacks is not excluded even at night. It is the result of strong emotional shock, which recently had to endure the woman. Unpleasant hot flashes in neurosis supported by the following symptoms:

  • high temperature;
  • cramps;
  • migraine attacks;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • muscle weakness.

Hot flashes night women

If thrown into a fever, the patient definitely requires professional help. Such changes begin with an easy case, and end the constant attacks that do not subside at night. It is often hot flashes during menopause that apply to the head and neck. In the morning the unpleasant symptoms disappear, but in the sleep phase again remind of themselves. A sharp jump and a drop in the temperature leads to weakness, violate the sleep phase, make a woman in such a state of nervous and extremely irritable.

Already knowing why, when the climax throws in the heat, it is important to clearly understand that these night accidents are not always associated with age-related changes in hormonal levels. Sometimes they get a disappointing result of the impact of physiological and pathological factors. Causes of extremely undesirable night tide women can be the following:

  • fatigue the day;
  • emotional distress;
  • adverse conditions for sleep;
  • eating heavy meals before bedtime;
  • stale air in the bedroom;
  • the symptoms of SARS, colds, food poisoning.

Tides in Oncology

If the attacks will continue even after prolonged intensive therapy involving hormonal preparations, it is possible that the causes of health problems are more global. When the patient is systematically medicated, but they do not help and remain concerned about hot flashes in women – the reasons can be presence of malignant tumors.

To identify the nidus is difficult, requires a detailed clinical examination of the body, and the tumor is found necessary to perform a biopsy, a colposcopy to further identify the structure of the affected tissues. Tides in Oncology are not apparent immediately, most often this occurs when the disease the second, third and fourth stage.

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