Correction of nails — how to do at home for beginners in photo and video

Girls are very carefully monitor their appearance and well-groomed, beautiful nails is an important part of the image. In cosmetology is used several options of treatments that will help in this matter, but each of them needs to be corrected in 3-4 weeks. Depending on the material used, this procedure may be more difficult or easier.

What is the correction of nails

In this case means the application of a modeling material with an additional layer on the regrown part of the nail plate. Correction manicure includes treatment of the nail folds, the cuticle, nails grown greatly cut down or trimmed, applied decorative design. The frequency of corrective procedures depends on the speed of nail growth. As a rule, after the building they begin to grow faster because the plate is protected from external negative factors.

What is included in the correction of nails

There are several options that have different prices. Typically, the cost varies between 50-70% from the original, capacity and correction of nails, in some cases, very similar in duration, amount of work. In many ways, the price depends on the condition of the nail plate, you make an adjustment at home or in the salon, what material was used. From this also depends on the duration of the procedure (1-2 hours). What are the different types:

  1. Small. Correction on the surface of minor injuries (scratches, chips, etc.).
  2. Average. It must spend 2 to 4 weeks after the last correction/augmentation.
  3. Complex. Held in case of breakage, separation, mixing more of the nail.

How many times can you make the correction of extension nails

Period of time, which you will be able to wear a manicure depends on how quickly grow plate, how gently you treat marigolds. As a rule, required 1 procedure to restore in 3-4 weeks, but sometimes it is held every 14 days. Girls are often interested in how many times you can make a correction nails. It depends on the material that was used during the procedure. For example, when the gel extensions, you can make 4-5 adjustments. Then the gel to deteriorate for natural reasons and should be replaced simply be removed.

The price for the correction of nails

In Moscow there is a special catalogue of the masters, which shows the rating, written feedback on the work. This will help you find a trusted expert, not a novice wizard that can ruin your manicure. How much is the correction of nails, depends on the material used, whether you come alone to the salon or procedure will be carried out in the home. The average price is in the range of 1 500 rubles, but you can find inexpensive over 1,300 rubles or more for 2000-2300.

How to make correction of nails

If you have no desire to apply to the master, and you are confident in your abilities, you can restore the manicure yourself at home. You definitely need to order or buy in the online shop all the necessary materials and tools. Correction of nails at home is justified from a material point of view, if you spend regularly. The main advantages of this solution is that it is possible to make the correction, when you will want to help their friends.

Those who are interested in how to make correction of nails, you should first watch the tutorial or read step by step instructions with photos, so as not to spoil the manicure. In addition to modeling material you’ll need to purchase a UV lamp. To simplify the process, you can buy nail machine, the only minus – they need to learn to use, to deal with sets of nozzles. Frazier is not necessary to buy the most powerful, professional just do not need. Its cost is relatively low, and to use them you will long.

Correction of nails with gel

This is one of the options of material used for building and modeling. Correction gel nails involves the use of specific materials, which have to be purchased independently. For the procedure you need to have:

  • degreaser;
  • gel;
  • gel for modelling;
  • the fluid to remove the sticky layer;
  • primer acid-free;
  • antiseptic;
  • the cuticle oil.

This is the minimum set for the correction of extension nails gel. If the first time was used a single-phase gel, it is possible to apply the adjustment. In the case of a three-phase procedure fits any system. Next, you need to have a minimum set of tools that will help you to perform all quick and easy:

  • lint-free cloth;
  • buff for polishing of nails;
  • UV lamp
  • pusher or an orange stick;
  • brushes for nail modelling with gel;
  • nail file for gel, fit and 150/180 grit of 100/100.
  • nail clippers for trimming cuticles or blades;
  • clippers for artificial nails.

Below is painted step by step method of adjusting the nails in a gel base. It is largely similar to the procedure when working with acrylic. The manual consists of the following steps:

  1. Swipe degreasing, disinfecting hands, instruments, clear lacquer, paint the plate (it is better to take money without acetone).
  2. Orange stick, lift the cuticle.
  3. Using a nail file, perform the correction, a speel first, those parts of the gel, which began to lag. Then, in the place where it begins near the cuticle and old paint, remove all gel and make a seamless transition to the natural nail.
  4. Apply primer surface that it doesn’t get infected under the nails with a towel to remove any excess.
  5. The smooth part of half-inch plate is cut with buff. Next, immediately the hole is filled with gel, dried with a UV lamp.
  6. When dry the material is, you need to remove the sticky layer, to form the correct shape. Sawing immediately correct the irregularities, if any. The base layer of gel is applied to all parts of the plate evenly. Slightly more material is needed for stress zones (just above the middle of the nail), but don’t overdo it. Then again dry material in the UV lamp.
  7. Then you need to make correction of shape, line defects, irregularities with a nail file. Watch accidentally erased the base coat to the old pavement.
  8. Regularly remove dust with a brush.
  9. Before you apply the finish, you need to make your design (drawing, French).
  10. Next, apply the topcoat in a single layer, dry under the lamp. To give smoothness and then finish with a buff.
  11. A nourishing oil to treat side bolsters, skin (is rubbed on as a cream).

Correction acrylic nails

This synthetic material is very popular among girls. Correction of acrylic nails is carried out according to a similar algorithm as with the variant described above. To work correctly, you can use the instruction, which is described below:

  1. Hands, work surfaces treat with a disinfectant.
  2. Remove lacquer without acetone.
  3. Apply cuticle softening. After 2 minutes, using wooden sticks/blades move the pterygium from the natural plate.
  4. Remove residues caused by means of a lint-free cloth. The free edge speel nail file, set the desired shape. You need to cut 2/3 of the thickness of the material.
  5. Remove the Shine from the natural nail for better adhesion of the plate with acrylic.
  6. Exfoliated place clean nail file with a fine grain.
  7. Next you need to handle the part where there is no acrylic using degreasers.
  8. Primer treat nail plate that connects keratin natural parts with artificial material.
  9. Run the simulation. Make sure that the acrylic was uniformly applied over the whole area, did not penetrate the skin or the lateral sinus. Brush for extensions must only be made of natural cloth, pressure when applying much impossible.
  10. Then place your hands under a UV light for 2.5 minutes.
  11. The cuticles apply a special oil.

Nail correction with shellac

This is a new kind of coverage that are easier to apply, lasts as long as gel/acrylic. The correction of the nail Polish two ways: with the full withdrawal. For the procedure uses a standard set of tools. Correction of gel-Polish is performed for the following instructions:

  1. Too dry nails are recommended to process with a special activator. it consists of essential oils and water, apply it on the sides and hold 5 minutes.
  2. Pusher hook a shellac Polish. Gently remove coating, make it easier by using the same activator.
  3. Give the regrown nail file edge.
  4. Next, a manicure, or with a special gel to soften the cuticle, push it.
  5. Clean the plate with the help of a polisher for nails, appears to Shine. To skip this step impossible, then it would be easier to remove a layer if necessary.
  6. Degrease the surface.
  7. Cover the substance which replaces the base and finish dry it under the lamp.
  8. Select the color of the shellac, in a single layer put on the surface dry.
  9. Then another layer, and again you need to dry.
  10. Last apply the final coated, then dry.
  11. Cover with a restorative cuticle serum.

Correction of nails on tips

This procedure on the algorithm similar to the work with gel extensions. Restoration sealing, upgrading, coating, filling and simulation of materials, giving the aesthetic appearance – this is the correction of nails on tips. Below is presented the algorithm of actions with using of acrylic technology:

  1. The regrown tips cut reversible attachment, process to thin the substrate.
  2. The surface of the nail gash nail file 180 grit, smoothen the transition from the tips to your own plate.
  3. With a spatula move the cuticle.
  4. Diamond nozzle guide hardware manicure.
  5. Swipe degreasing, disinfection of the nail, wipe with a cloth (dry).
  6. A small amount of acid free primer and apply at the base of the tips.
  7. Extend the nail bed using cover pink acrylic, shape using a brush.
  8. Model the growth zone of the cuticle and apex matte single powder.
  9. The dal should compress stress area.
  10. A pin will secure clamping.
  11. Simulate white acrylic on the free edge of the nail. You can put just two tips.
  12. Shape the free edge of the base of dense brush.
  13. Attachment «barrel» (reverse) will epilite the tip of the nail.
  14. In the same way treat internal longitudinal arch.
  15. The cuticle area, apex will opalite nozzle «corn».
  16. Nail file 100 grit gash nail plate.
  17. The inner arch of the nail Polish reversible nozzle «corn.»
  18. Carbide tip process zone hiponia (where the internal part of the nail is in contact with the skin).
  19. The external and lateral part of the handle nail file 100 grit, remove dust.
  20. Cover finishing gel with no sticky Sol inner side of the free tips.
  21. The outside also cover with a gel.
  22. Keep your hands under the UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Correction of gel nails – video


Marina, 32 years

Periodically make yourself gel nails, but they grow back very quickly too. Girlfriends go to the correction once a month, and I every 2 weeks is necessary. Correction nail extensions gel nails just a little bit cheaper, so bought all the necessary and now do everything myself at home, take longer, but in fact the economy turns.

Vlad, 25 years

First I tried to build using gel, but when it’s time to remove the plate, I was shocked by the condition of the nails. They have become very soft, easily bent, so I decided that more such I will not do. It is quite another thing Shellac, looks just great, but the plates don’t suffer, after the removal look healthy.

Elena, 23 years

For a long time to go with beauty of your nails, after another correction of thought, and not cheaper for me to buy myself equipment? Many times I have seen it done in a salon, so she could afford to carry out this procedure. Not very comfortable, time to spend more than the master, but with the same result. Even her friends help in this, and they believe thank.

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