Almond essential oil and cosmetic properties and application to skin, hair and eyelashes

Almond essential oil are widely applicable in cosmetics, prized for a lot of useful substances in the composition. The product is sold in any pharmacy. Find out how to use it at home with the greatest benefit for your health and beauty.

Almond oil properties

The oil has a light, pleasant smell, sweet taste, color – transparent with a yellow tint. The structure is not very dense, calorific value – 900 kcal per 100 g of Substance contains a lot of vitamins that have a great effect on the body and hair. Plus drugs from almonds is that they are suitable for any skin type, have no contraindications, do not cause allergies. Useful properties of almond oil:

  • enriches with vitamin E: involved in the process of cell regeneration, slows down aging, smoothes out wrinkles;
  • enriches with vitamin A: moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
  • enriched with vitamin F calms the sebaceous glands, fights acne, blackheads, excessive oiliness of the hair;
  • has a peeling effect on the skin of the face, lips and body;
  • has anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing properties, helps with minor burns and injuries;
  • effectively helps with bloating and constipation, providing a laxative effect.

Almond oil – ingredients

The oil level in the bean of sweet and bitter almonds – about 60%, the substance extracted by cold pressing (pressing cores). The composition of almond oil with vitamins A, E, F, b, plus minerals. Virtually half is oleic acid. The substance also contains linoleic and palmitic, amygdalin, tocontrol phytosterols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other active substances.

Almond oil application

Very diverse use almond oil because of the versatility. Hood only sweet varieties are suitable for cooking bitter – exclusively for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Useful and cake obtained by squeezing. The tool is very soft, so suitable for the care of delicate and sensitive areas of skin: around the eyes, lips, neck, intimate areas, armpits.

The main uses of extraction:

  1. Very popular almond oil in cosmetics: as a moisturizer in most of the creams, nourishing masks, shampoos and balms.
  2. In cooking it is used as a vegetable for salads, desserts, and sauces. Gives dishes a special, delicate flavor.
  3. Widely used for massage, warming and softening the skin.
  4. As a remedy in aromatherapy: has a calming, relaxing effect, improves memory and strengthens the nervous system, fights insomnia.
  5. For medicinal purposes can be taken inside: bronchitis, constipation, hyperacidity, herpes, dermatitis.
  6. Allowed for the treatment of children, does not cause allergic reactions: for massage, in skin diseases, irritation and inflammation, improves blood circulation and moisturises the baby’s skin.

Almond oil during pregnancy

The majority of young mothers faced with the problem of striae (stretch marks) on the body, which bring a lot of aesthetic and moral discomfort. To avoid their appearance is difficult, because the body naturally increases the skin is stretched and then rapidly loses weight, reduced in size. To prevent a large, deep stretch marks using almond oil during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth.

Thanks to its rejuvenating effect great substance fights wrinkles and stretch marks, suitable for dry and combined skin. The composition can not cause any harm to the woman or the fetus. It is recommended to use it in combination with lavender or rosemary regularly throughout the term. A few recipes that will help to prevent and eliminate stretch marks:

  • Carrot juice mixed with 2 tablespoons almonds. Use as a lotion for problem areas.
  • Zest of one lemon to grate, combine with one tablespoon of almond extract, add 150 g natural yoghurt, stored in the refrigerator. To use as peeling for problematic areas of the chest, hips, abdomen not more than 2 times a week.
  • 5 tbsp almond extract and 5 drops of lavender extract. RUB into the stretch marks 2 times a week.

Almond oil in cosmetics

Very popular almond oil in cosmetics. It is part of the most moisturizing, nourishing, tonic. The product contains sunscreens and sprays, as well protects from sun and rays in lotions for removing makeup, anti-aging creams. Extract of almond seed used for the production of certain vitamins and medicinal ointments.

Almond oil for skin

The benefits of almond oil for skin is really huge. Dry skin it nourishes and moisturizes, exfoliates dead skin cells: the composition can be used for heels and elbows, cracked skin, feet and other body parts after shaving. For oily skin, the ingredient tightens pores, reduces inflammation and redness treats overactive sebaceous glands.

In addition, almond oil can help in the treatment of skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis: the product relieves itching and irritation, soothes sore spots. Almond extract warms up and increases blood circulation, therefore, the composition is used for anti-cellulite and other therapeutic massages: with regular treatments, the skin acquires firmness and elasticity.

Almond oil for face

With a daily application of almond oil for the face extremely valuable: rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles, and improves the overall color and condition of the skin. You can add it to your moisturizer one to two drops per serving. How to use almond oil for face:

  1. As a means for removing makeup from the eyelids and eyelashes: easy to moisten a cotton pad or cloth in warm oil liquid gently remove makeup, avoiding contact with the eyes, wipe with a second damp drive.
  2. Age bags under the eyes: 5ml of almond extract and a drop of sandalwood – apply every day before bed.
  3. As a mask for sluggish skin: oatmeal diluted warm water, mix in gruel, add two teaspoons of almond and 2 drops patchouli.
  4. If you want to get rid of freckles or age spots, wipe them every day a mixture of: a teaspoon of almonds and 2 drops of grapefruit extract.
  5. Regular massaging of the facial with warm oil will help to keep the skin firm, lifted and toned.
  6. Oil to remove greasy luster, pimples and blackheads, prepare a mask: a tablespoon of almonds, two spoons of honey, two drops of tea tree.

Almond oil for lips

Well suited almond oil for lips: in the winter, softens chapped skin, the summer nourishes and protects from the sun. For healing the lips and give them a beautiful, smooth, use this balm: mix a teaspoon of almond extract and 3 drops of lemon juice, RUB the lips. Do not rinse, wait until the balm is absorbed. The lip color will be significantly improved, will become more homogeneous and bright.

Almond oil for hands

The best way to use almond oil for hand – add a few drops to your cream before each application. It will enhance the properties of cosmetics and its quality, as the result will be much better. I use sweet almond oil in the winter, for chapped, rough skin. They saturate cotton pad and apply to the dry areas for 5 minutes, then gently RUB over the entire surface of hands.

Almond oil for hair

Useful almond oil for hair: stimulates growth, makes it more healthy and beautiful. Here are some guidelines for its use:

  • Use in summer: apply it every time before shampooing some oil on the roots and ends of your hair, then comb along the entire length. This will protect the hair from UV rays and will help keep them healthy at sea, in the country or just in the city under the scorching sun.
  • For dry, damaged hair, useful vitamin E contained in the oil. Add a few drops to shampoo or conditioner – this will give the hair strength, Shine, beauty. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Almonds can stimulate hair growth. Lubricate them with a faint, sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. Recipe head: massage the skin, massage into the roots before washing homemade lip balm. Prepare a mixture: a teaspoon of easy almond extract – 2 drops ylang-ylang.

Almond oil for nails

Apply almond oil for nails: it strengthens nails, makes it more smooth. Helps heal dry and brittle nails, to get rid of microcracks. Simultaneously, the almond softens cuticles, prevents its rapid growth. You can add a few drops to the salt baths for hands before manicure, or just RUB into nails and cuticles before bedtime.

Almond oil – usage instructions

To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to follow the rules. Instructions for use of almond oil:

  • To improve the efficiency of funds before using it to warm to body temperature.
  • Bitter butter’s better not to use at home, take only the sweet or mixed.
  • Ingestion: coughing, sore throat, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – 10 drops 3 times a day, only the sweet variety.
  • With ear infections and colds: put your ear at night, 8 drops throughout the day.

Almond oil – price

Oil almond seed is on sale, you can find it in any drugstore or in a specialized section of the supermarket, to order and buy in the online store. The price of almond oil ranges from 40 to 1,300 rubles depending on the manufacturer, size of bottle and the availability of additional products in the lineup, in addition to the basics. Essential oil for aromatherapy (50 ml) buy cheap, for 50 rubles. Another kind of pomace, sweet varieties for cooking can be purchased at a cost of 800 to 1000.

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Tatiana, 28 years

That almonds helps with stretch marks – the truth! I still mom told me, so a proven method. Gave birth to two people already and the stretch marks barely noticeable. Make a lotion of almond and lavender oil soaked gauze and apply them on stretch marks for 5-10 minutes. What kind of almonds do you know on the package it just says almond oil, the price is affordable.

Yana, 22 years

I think you need a special lamp for aromatherapy, to evaluate fragrant «part». Tried without it, I don’t know what jar to do. Nothing in the store bought smell, it’s faint, but I wanted bright, like incense. Tried to mix with grapefruit and tea tree, add in the cream. The special effects are not see.

Irina is 36 years old

Share the experience: apply on the roots and ends before washing the head for 2 months, the hair has really improved, able to smooth, to make more light, shiny and thick. Truth is I have no essential oil, and a special hair consisting coconut, sesame and others, but I think the net will have the same effect.

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