Fasting day on rice for weight loss — benefit to the organism with yogurt or tomato juice

Part of the power system, help in the fight against obesity – fasting day. Before the vote, it is necessary to limit the volume, fat content of food. One-day rice diet is a low calorie diet, eating foods that are easily digested. During the fasting days the body is cleared, removes waste products, toxins.

fasting day on kefir.

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Alina, 31 years

Had not carried out the unloading, and then the friend advised. Studied the reviews, decided to try. After Breakfast, there was a slight feeling of hunger, but by lunchtime had passed, there was a lightness. Took black rice, benefit from it more. Nothing added. No stomach problems, but did not notice, my digestion is fine. I will spend days like that regularly!

Maria, 20 years

On the way to harmony I hold regular one-day diet. My favorite is rice and Apple. Spend it once in 5-6 days. I use plain white rice. Do not bother, eat with pleasure. During the day drink water, green or black tea. I feel great!

Karina, 24 years

I have a problem with weight, but on diets to sit not strong enough. Therefore, fasting days for me. I alternate diet. Once only eat brown rice, and a week – rice with yogurt or milk. The weight gradually started to decrease. Most importantly, gone cellulite! I recommend everyone to try. It is not so difficult. Good luck!»

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