Eye shadow for eyebrows — how to use video how to choose the best reviews and prices

A little less than a century ago from the funds for the eyebrows in women were only pencils. Modern beauty industry has significantly expanded the range of products in this niche, and on the peak of popularity came out the shadows. With the current trend for natural, makeup artists are increasingly turning to them. How to choose and use a tool?

How to paint eyebrows shadows

Procedure makeup with this product is slightly more complicated than a pencil, only for the reason that here we use the brush. It will have to choose and buy separately, since most of the shadows (mainly trade marks) does not imply that its presence in the kit. The same tools that are attached to product categories of mass-market, makeup is not recommended, because their quality is far from ideal, and the result will be affected is not positive.

A few basic recommendations on choosing the brush for the shade to create beautiful eyebrows

  • The form should be cut – this tool can be marked as «angled». The angle is chosen individually, impact mainly on the intensity of the line length.
  • Pile want a natural and hard: the beaver, marten, in extreme cases, the sable. No squirrels, kolinsky, pony, especially if you are coloring eyebrows «from scratch», i.e. when you need to add the missing sections, and not just put a light shadow.
  • If you buy the shade in the format of gel/pomade, i.e., a plastic liquid substance, buy advanced brush set with faux (synthetic) hair. The tip should be sharp, form similar – beveled. You are able to draw the thinnest hairs, making it as natural as possible. Rinse cosmetic with synthetic is also easier than with natural pile, and hurting her is much less.

How to paint eyebrows shadows gradually

Once you purchase the brush and eye shadow, choose a day when you can spend on yourself about an hour effortlessly. You should not attempt to master eyebrow shaping new product, going to work for a couple of minutes – the procedure requires training. Carefully examine all the stages of eyebrow shadow (it is desirable to find lessons with pictures), prepare the tools, sit in front of a big mirror that will cover your face «portrait,» i.e., to the collarbone, and take care of good lighting. It is desirable that it was daytime, and not beat in the face, and was served with two sides.

Step by step procedure of drawing the eyebrows looks like this:

  1. Guide standard wash to rid the future of sebum on the skin surface. Remove moisture with a towel, wait a bit – you need to wait for complete drying.
  2. Comb eyebrow with the brush, setting the hairs in the right direction. At this stage you outline the approximate shape, evaluate the problems you are facing.
  3. Enter the shadows on the tip of the brush and gently shake it: with quantity of the product is not to overdo it, otherwise the dry will fall on your face, and the liquid will leave a very clear bold line.
  4. Start painting with the ponytail: it’s the most intense and dark plot at all (!) eyebrows. Brush print top and bottom line that must come together in the end. Fill in all the space between them.
  5. Kink, even if it is implicit, also need to draw clearly, but the brush lead to the tail, not from him. To fill the space too full.
  6. At the base of the clear line is not recommended: you get a caricature of artificial eyebrows, especially if you use liquid texture. Continue to a predetermined shape, but place the brush at an angle to the bottom line and draw short strokes. They should imitate the hairs, so look in their direction.
  7. The top line at the base of the eyebrows do not touch – it should be blurred. If it is too clear, the eyebrow comb to break a couple of times by the same brush in the direction of the hairs.
  8. If necessary, attach the resulting shape transparent gel or wax. In the absence of these products it is possible to use common in artists way: sprinkle with the same brush and varnish to hold it on the eyebrows.

How to use eye shadow eyebrow

The General stepwise algorithm, discussed previously, fit everyone, but the beauty industry offers such a wide range of shadows that each type requires a separate study. Today in stores, not even focused on makeup artists and consumers, you can find not only pressed dry shadow, but cream/gel in jars of liquid in tubes, and the whole palette of them. How to learn to use it all and choose the best option for themselves?

Some professional advice:

  • Don’t be afraid to combine different textures: skin damage (scars, etc.) can apply the gel or cream, and dry them to maintain and to fill out a form where there is not enough thickness, but the hairs there.
  • If you need to add clarity to the tail or breaking (at the base of this is not recommended), type on the synthetic a small brush (barrel or tongue) concealer and walk them under the eyebrow.
  • Eyebrow shaping shadows any texture will look very natural if you are after a procedure is completed, gently comb eyebrow with the brush.

How to use eye shadow eyebrow wax

Some manufacturers (and the mass market, and prof, and luxury) you can meet a whole kit that can make eyebrows at home. It’s mostly dry eye shadow eyebrow wax included (Avon, Pupa, etc.). The General principle of their use is similar to what was discussed above – first you build the shape of the eyebrows and paint on the hairs, if necessary, pressed shadows, and then apply a bit of wax to secure them. However, there are some nuances:

  • The wax texture of fat-based, so when contact with skin it melts. High durability it gives, and even fixing hairs primarily stored in low temperatures. If you need to fix the result, go on top of brow «pritoptyvaya» movement of the brush with the same powder or a translucent powder.
  • You can use wax to dye your hair: mix it on a flat surface with the shadows (have to scrape a little pusher or special spatulas), type the brush and comb the eyebrows of this waxy substance.
  • Do not use the wax before to specify the shape of the shadows, and do not apply it on your skin – makeup will flow.

Liquid eye shadow eyebrow

This format is not for girls who for the first time trying to paint themselves eyebrows. The shadows are the soft, creamy substance, mostly non-water-resistant, so she grasped and firmly solidifies in a few seconds. This figure varies depending on the brand, but the shadow of the liquid already in half a minute after applying the correction can not be, and if there are errors have them washed completely. The main advantage of this format reinforced concrete durability: a gym, party, pool, shower – shadows everything is not what.

Rules and guidelines for working with liquid texture:

  • Please be careful: it is better to schedule first light (white, beige) with a pencil the boundaries of the future eyebrows, not to marry them, and determine where you need to paint the spaces with shadows. Apply a clean brush to these sites, understand how will lead it.
  • Liquid shadows are not created for full painting form: their pigmentation is off the charts, so they are professionals advise only to draw in the missing hairs of the eyebrow. This tool is well visually eliminates any bald spots, including those born of scars is a dry product the skin will not be fixed.
  • Liquid shadows mostly sold in tubes, of which a small (!) the amount you need to squeeze the plastic or metal surface. On a hand not worth it – the shadows will begin to absorb into the skin. Spread with the tip of a brush handle this substance, type to NAP quite a bit and start the process of drawing hairs.
  • If the eyebrow shadow on the palette, began to solidify, they can be mixed with a drop of spray-lock: this is a professional brands: MAC, MUFE, Skindinavia, NYX, etc. the Product will stay longer plastic, but the durability is not adversely affected.
  • Liquid shadows, you can only tint the eyebrow hairs without affecting the skin. The procedure is simple: distribute a drop on a palette, gaining evenly to the brush and combing the brows.

Gel-shadow for the eyebrows

This option means intended for the eyebrows, professionals called «lipstick» because its consistency is more like it, though enclosed in the šajbočka as gel eyeliner. The composition can be very plastic and creamy (like Inglot), or more dense, dry (Anastasia Beverly Hills). Durability depends on the manufacturer, but always significantly higher than dry texture. Gel eye shadow eyebrow fit girls who for certain reasons pressed does not satisfy the requirements, and the liquid is too difficult to handle.

The details of drawing eyebrow gel eye shadow (lipstick):

  • If you need to do an imitation of his hairs, use a synthetic brush. To create a shadow, take a tool with natural bristles and be sure to go over the eyebrows in the final clean with the brush from root to tail several times, reducing the clarity.
  • After a set of eye shadow on the brush, be sure to flip the jar and place it on a flat surface you will prevent extra air getting inside and drying out of contents.

How to choose the right color eyeshadow for eyebrows

A large range of shades allows you to achieve the most natural when creating a makeup, but it seriously confuses the unprepared consumer. To find the ideal color can’t more than half of women. What a start, not to make a mistake? A couple of General tips:

  • The classic rule – color eye shadow eyebrow should match the shade of hair. Not the eyes, not the skin, not the brows, and hair as one of the largest patches of color in the image.
  • Keep in mind the overall temperature of her appearance: the girl with red hair and grey eyebrows will look out of place and platinum blonde – copper.
  • Natural brow will work if you are using 2 shades of shadow. With a dark – tonal hair roots, they are rendered kink and tail, painted over bald spots. The lighter – tone of the main cloth or just 1 to 2 is different from dark: he will go on making the base and the embellishment of existing hairs. Number of brand – Diva, the smell, the Essence already thought of everything for the consumer, releasing sets of 2 shades.
  • If the tone-on-tone find shade fails and you have to buy them urgently, take the ones that suit you the temperature, but the lighter the colors.

Eyebrow powder for blondes

Owners of light hair makeup artists recommend to be particularly careful when selecting the products for the eyebrows. Black, dark brown and even red here and look completely foreign. Eyebrow powder for blondes should fully match the shade of their hair, or be darker than a level 1-2, but no more. If you have to replace them with eye shadow of neutral palettes, platinum blondes can be given the shape of the eyebrows, even a dark beige color and brown hair girls – any taupe, but apply with a minimum intensity.

As examples of a good eyeshadow colors include:

  • Saw Catwalk eyebrow set;
  • Artdeko EyeBrow Powder 06;
  • Dream lady 5 different minerals;
  • VIVIENNE SABO Brow Arcade (warm type).

Eyebrow powder for brunettes

Girls with dark hair, often make the serious mistake of trying to draw under almost black hair, the same black eyebrows. It is appropriate only in individuals of Caucasian nationality, and if your hair is dyed, and the overall contrast is low, such a move serves the girl in a negative light. Eyebrow powder for brunettes should be a couple of shades lighter than the shade of their hair, say leading make-up artists. Good options:

  • Loreal Brow Artist a Medium to dark;
  • Just Make Up Brow Gel 417 and 418 format (lipstick);
  • Make Up Factory Eye Brow Powder 4;
  • Graftobian HD Brow Powder.

How to choose eye shadow for eyebrows

Search for the perfect product – not always the easiest task, especially when this category is the first tool in the purse. If we talk about dry molded texture, it is not necessary to look for the mark «eyebrow»: you can buy a plain eye shadow – they even composition do not differ. The main thing that they were matte – shimmering eyebrows appropriate just for creative shooting. The liquid can be replaced with gel eyeliner, cream and even professionals often look among the shadows for eyes.

If to speak about parameters of durability, pigmentirovannoy, ease of use and other parameters, how to choose the right shade for eyebrows, will help you understand this rating, compiled on the basis of reviews and ratings of consumers:

  1. Maybelline Color Tattoo. The shade is not for the eyebrows – they eye in the format of cream, but the shade Permanent Taupe was a hit: the perfect cool brown that fits the eyebrows and hair. The price is 380 p. If you prefer dry shade, look at the Brow Satin – powder shadow pencil with applicator a cost of 450 R.
  2. Essence. Budget German brand for youth cosmetics offers dry double shadow Make Me Brow Duo (price – 250 p.) and Eyebrow Stylist Set (price – 290 p.), differing mainly only hints of the presence of brushes for eyebrows in the second set.
  3. ArtDeco. Again, the German manufacturer, already from the category «prof». Offers consumers a single really dry eye shadow EyeBrow Powder in 5 shades for 315 R. and powdery pencils eyebrow Powder Duo&Liner at the 990 R. the only Problem is that finding products is possible only in networks Letual and Girlfriend.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills. With this professional brand began the history of lipsticks to eye brows, large eye shadow palettes for them and the increased attention to the details of the makeup. The main drawback of ABH products – high prices: the set of shadow-kopeck piece, tweezers, brushes, stencils and eyebrow gel is 7000 R., and separately the same shadow-kopeck piece for less than 2400 R. not found. The advantage of the brand’s extensive palette of colors. In Russia you can buy only through online stores.
  5. Catrice. Offers mostly dry double shadow (price – 280 p.), supplemented with a mirror, tweezers and brushes. However, attention was drawn to the powder and lipstick (cost the same), the lack of which only a meager palette of only 3 colors.
  6. NYX. American brand level poluprov have created an excellent analogue for ABH at an affordable price. Cream Tinted Brow Pomade (530 R.) and liquid Eyebrow Gel (520 R.) was released in 5 beautiful colors and are highly resistant. Sets dry – kopeck piece (Eyebrow Cake Powder, 520 p.) and four (Eyebrow Kit Set, 990) supplemented with wax or stencils different shapes of eyebrows.
  7. MAC. Directly eyebrow eye shadow, this brand succeeded only in dry format (Brow Duo palette, 1800 R.) – cream (Brow Gelcreme, 1300 R.) differ too red shades (for girls Slavic facial features), so the rating of the MAS is on the last position.

Video: How to dye eyebrows shadows


Inga, 25 years

When dried up the magic jar of shadows (the format of the cream) from the ABH, the toad strangled me to repeat them, so I began looking for a budget equivalent for the eyebrows. Came across and Just fell in love! I have 417 shade – cool taupe, ideal for brown hair. For the year had not been dried, the same creamy consistency. The shadow of proof, even in the bath do not leak eyebrows.

Elena, 31 years

Your eyebrows draw daily from scratch. Once it was a set from Avon, then there was a double shadow Essence Atkins, then a friend gave expensive palette from MAC (did not see the difference), but love steel cream Maybelline (40). They are for the eyes, but the shade is perfect for light eyebrows. Stick like a stiff, easy to draw – shadows freeze not instantly.

Rita, 22 years

In my mind there are cosmetic average price (l’oreal, Art Deco), and high (Chanel etc.), but the perfect shade for a daily drawing absent of light brows, I found an unknown Mallow. Palette of 3 colors was surprised by the texture – the shade moscovie, easy to draw, the kind of brow is natural. It is strange that the only product worthy!

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